A Time for Harvest at Paititi’s Mountain Land

posted by Anthony Bossler on June 30th, 2016

As we come around the bend from the recent winter solstice (the start of the new year in the indigenous cultures of the Andes), a time for harvest marks the end of a season and the close of 3+ months of Shamanic Permaculture Work Study Service retreats at Paititi’s mountain sanctuary in Peru.

Now is the time for harvest! As we shuck the corn, thresh the wheat, and pick the coffee, we reflect and integrate the lessons brought through the land and our community. As the landscape changes with the season, the landscape of our lives and our state of being shift with it.

image shows corn harvest from permaculture farm

image shows wheat farm being harvested on permaculture farm

A core principle Paititi works with is observing and interacting with the outer landscapes, working the land and simultaneously seeing how those interactions can be used to mirror our inner landscapes, evolving our consciousness and developing ever deeper awareness as a result. The sheer depth of this connection always takes us by surprise.

We were blessed for so many inspiring people to bring their open minds and incredible talents to the mountain. Together we learned and grew (and not just vegetables!) Thank you all from the bottom of our shared hearts!

image shows permaculture teacher Anthony Bossler and team, corn husks from the farm and coffee being harvested

The land called some retreat participants to stay and learn and continue to grow in many ways, while life called others to take their insights and share with their communities back home.

From creating gardens, to stacking functions, composting all kinds of waste, to planting seeds and using ancestral construction techniques, we covered a wide array of projects over the last three months. We now have three complete dieta huts and 3 more on the way, the composting toilets now have beautiful earthen wattle and daub walls and we’re producing more organic food than ever, making exponential steps towards fully sustainable production.

image shows wood being chopped, clay bread oven in the background

All the while, as we observed and interacted with our external landscape, deep lessons were revealed from working so closely with nature. As the inner reflects the outer; the seeds of our inner landscape took root and our true nature began to bear fruits of insight that made big impacts on our lives.

image shows students and teachers mountain hiking to Paititi's permaculture center in Larapata, Peru

A friend once said to me, “Permaculture isn’t an evolution, it’s a revolution”. Through applying permaculture principles, not only in how we interacted with the land, but also each other, and ultimately ourselves, we nurtured the seeds of that revolution through personal evolution. And it’s been the most beautiful experience to witness the vision taking physical form as it reflects our inner maturation.

image shows permaculture teacher Anthony Bossler and corn harvest from permaculture farmimage shows three shows of wheat harvest from Paititi's mountain farm

As we go into our dry Peruvian winter, we settle into those deeper teachings from the land. The community and work study participants who joined us on this year’s journey settle deeper into lessons about nature, life, and themselves. We thank all who participated and the service that makes all of beautiful transformation possible. The call to live activated, responsible and joyful lives in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes inspires us to continue on this path.

With love

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image shows two sour dough bread loafs ready to go into the clay bread oven image shows bamboo and plaster construction technique for composting toilets








image shows student walking in permaculture garden on the mountain side, lots of leafy greens growing in compostimage shows permaculture teacher Anthony Bossler and Elton from paititi holding fresh sour dough breads from the clay oven








image shows mule outside adobe natural construction kitchen at Paititi's permaculture centreimage shows a duck and three chicks








image shows workers mixing plaster for natural constructionimage shows students working with compost piles for the permaculture garden








image shows two students in the gardenimage shows team relaxing by the Mapacho river






image shows shamanic permaculture work study service team