Embodying True Nature Retreats

The Embodying True Nature retreat is a month long journey held at the Paititi Institute mountain sanctuary in the Machu Picchu region. During the retreat, participants immerse in the intuitive universal structure of the nature of existence through the inner, direct and non-conceptual experience of self, supported by indigenous ancestral wisdom.

The structure and content of the retreat specifically allow participants to face and challenge themselves and grow in the most direct and harmonious way, as observed in many ancient cultures and indigenous spiritual traditions from around the world. This approach helps participants to become healthy human beings in human bodies. Participants recognize and let go of stale concepts, habitual patterns, repressed emotions, inhibitions, fears, traumas and all other energetic limitations on the way to becoming a totally free, luminous being overflowing with universal love and compassion.

At this time we currently hold this retreat twice a year.

Our next retreat will be:
10-day Embodying True Nature Retreat: Oct. 8 – 18, 2021: Register Here >>
16-day Embodying True Nature Retreat: Dec. 21, 2021 – Jan. 6, 2022: Register Here >>
Additional retreats for 2022 will be added soon !
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Background & Tools

This retreat brings about a profound consciousness transformation and involves a serious self-realization process. The process includes physical, mental, spiritual and emotional detoxification. The participants should be willing and able to face, without compromise, personal inhibitions, repressed emotions, fears, habitual patterns and other obscurations of consciousness that often accumulate in the subconscious for many years because of the conditioning of modern society.

Transformation is facilitated by medicine men and women as well as healers and guides who serve as intercultural bridges of the timeless planetary wisdom of humanity. All retreat practices relate to the process of unraveling the infinite potential of innate enlightened essence while healing our whole existence for the benefit of all beings.

Indigenous ceremonies that work with skilful means of ancient cultural context and sacred plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro to unravel the divine intelligence of nature in one’s being, healing and spiritual insight accompany the evolutionary journey of the participants and take place every few days. The specific schedule depends on the particular group and the individual process of each participant. Other foundational practices, initiation rites and cognitive tools of the ancestral Ando-Amazonian tradition that are just as essential as sacred plant medicines are explored and implemented all throughout the retreat creating a deeper resonance field and understanding of Mother Nature’s language with the help of modalities such as:

  • Remembering foundation* (release of personal history) – an energetic remembering, dissolution of subconscious limitation and letting go of emotional tensions held in one’s past.
  • Transformational breathwork foundation* – Amazonian tribal activation of cellular memory and Tibetan modality based on the Heart drops of Dharmakaya practices that brings about a deep cathartic release of deeply seated emotional obscurations
  • Individual and collective transpersonal dreamwork foundation* – working with the  Ashuar tribal and Jungian approach towards recognizing the universal, associative and symbolic communication of human sub-consciousness relating to spiritual evolution of one’s being.
  • Symptomatic Dance foundation* – Comunication with the symptomatic language of the organism for the recognition and resolution of the dis-ease origin.
  • Sacred geometry foundation* – Allows us to deepen our archetypal relationship with Nature and the universal flow of energy.
  • Individual plant medicine diets – The participants will be given specific medicinal plants that help to cultivate essential natural qualities.
  • Sharing circles – relating to the universal process of consciousness transformation expressing itself uniquely through each participant.
  • Qigong, Yoga, eastern meditation practices – activating deeper vitality and a realignment of energetic channels of the organism.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – complementary support for the deeper realignment of energetic meridians and healing on all levels.
  • Permaculture introduction – Balancing inner and outer landscapes by connecting to nature through meditative gardening.
  • Processing, reflecting and integrating – getting to know one’s self through the process of transformation in solitary meditation hut.

Ancestral cultures are powerful reminders of the human capacity to transcend personal expectations and limitations. In this way, the ego is made to step beyond its comfort zone and the illusory sense of control, often with great unease. This spiritual practice is specifically designed by the ancestors to transform the ego from a capricious master to a humble servant of the inherent true nature in all of us. Instead of distorting the natural quality of the human organism to individual quirks of preferences, the ego is humbled enough to begin expressing the inherent universal qualities of the human organism and begins serving the divine intelligence that has created that very organism.





Additional Details


Indigenous Ceremony Overview

As an integral part of the transformation process participants will partake in ancient Amazonian indigenous ceremonies of Ayahuasca and Andean culture of San Pedro and Coca. Transformation is facilitated by medicine men & women as well as healers and guides who serve as intercultural bridges of the timeless planetary wisdom of humanity.

This healing tradition is considered to be an uninterrupted live transmission lineage going back to times immemorial carrying illuminated reminders from the period of humanity when the ancestors were fully immersed in the primordial enlightened essence of humanity’s true nature. Plants are teachers and the spirit of these plants can support us in connecting to deep subtle energies of our body and the interwoven reality surrounding us.

The ceremonies associated with many sacred plants have been known to reconnect people with Mother Nature, heal from ailments and clear confusions, doubts and obscurations of consciousness. We encourage our patients to connect with Nature inside out and this is a very beneficial way to tap into the source of life in the universe as we know it.

We caution people against reading too much online about these practices as we have found there is a lot of misunderstanding and misconception abound around these traditions. For more background on the sacred shamanic traditions of Peru we ask that you to watch this lecture given by Roman Hanis titled “Knowledge of the Amazon” at the following link in addition we encourage all participants to view the documentary “The Sacred Science” which was filmed at the Paititi Institute.

Watch the Knowledge from the Amazon Lecture >
Watch The Sacred Science Documentary >


Regarding Medications and Vaccinations

For your well being, all pharmaceuticals or supplements MUST be reported to us.  If you start any medications after you register it is important to let us know right away. Taking any pharmaceutical medication (including malaria pills) will affect the ability of  the participants to partake in medicinal plant work. Many pharmaceuticals are contraindicated with the Amazonian plant medicines and must be avoided 3 days to 6 weeks prior depending on the drug and the duration of use. Every situation is unique and it is IMPORTANT that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can research your specific situation. We do not recommend that anyone quit medications without the guidance of their overseeing physician.


Contribution and Refund Policy

For this retreat all participants are required to join for the full retreat duration of 33 days.
The Contribution is $3700 USD

Available Discounts:
•   $200 early bird discount (see registration page for details)
•   Couples and group discounts may be available. Contact us for more info.

Deposit:  A non-refundable deposit of 30% is due in full at the time of registration in order to hold space in the retreat and can be paid via credit card. If we are not able to accept you into the retreat the deposit will be refunded.

For more information about contribution & and what is covered visit the retreat registration pages. Please Do not book travel until you have recived an acceptance letter into the retreat.

Retreat Requirements

We ask that anyone applying for this retreat be prepared to face new and unexpected challenges. We are specifically seeking participants who are inspired to approach all situations with a solutions-based attitude grounded in personal responsibility. It is important to be aware that you will have to hike into and out of the land which takes 2+ hours one-way. The hike although very beautiful can also be challenging and you will need to carry your own pack on your back. Elders or people who may have some physical challenges (please let us know ahead of time) may be able to pack personal belongings on mules. With this said, it is a beautiful journey and everyone has been able to make it with a wide range of fitness and age levels taking it slow.

Given the circumstances at the center at this time, we can only accept participants who are in stable and good health. This specific retreat is only for individuals who are healthy. It may be possible to join us with minor health conditions if in overall good physical shape – please inquire with us before signing up. For those with physical health conditions, you can read more about our Medicine Retreats here >>

Being in the early stages of development at the new land, there is minimal infrastructure in place. Participants should be comfortable living in a tent, taking cold showers, living with no electricity, embracing unexpected challenges, and hiking steep terrain. All of these factors are beautiful complements towards the healing and transformation journey. Please be sure to read the Info and Preparation Package before applying for this retreat to ensure you are prepared for the journey.


Healing Physical Conditions

Our Embody True Nature Retreats are designed for those who are for the most part physically healthy and are seeking transformation and deepening on their spiritual path. During the retreat we will of course work with the physical body as it is fully interconnected to the emotional and spiritual body. This work will be aided through the practices outlined previously, the many medicinal plants available to us in the region, as well as other energy healing modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For those with more serious physical conditions we may require you to participate as a Medicine Retreat participant. If you are not sure if you qualify as a transformation participant please email us and we are happy to discuss your personal situation in order to determine the appropriate steps for you.

In order to join us as a Medicine Retreat participant we ask that you first work with us through our distance healing program which includes Customized Nutritional Council, Spiritual Council through Dreamwork Exploration and One-on-One Transformation Council. During this process we will be able to take some initial steps in the healing process, establish a personal connection, and assess weather or not a deeper healing immersion in the jungle will be appropriate.

Additional details can be found in our Info & Prep Document>>
Please review this document before applying for this retreat.

Upcoming Retreats

10-Day Embodying True Nature Intensive – Amazon Rainforest

Facilitated by Roman Hanis

June 16 - 26, 2024
Amazon Rainforest (Outside of Iquitos Peru)