Form and Formless Transformation Retreats

Shamanic Keys to Your Unlimited Human Potential

This retreat explores the theoretical and experiential groundwork of the shamanic transformation and healing process drawing intercultural bridges between various indigenous cultures of the world.  With the help of indigenous dreaming perspectives, Jungian transpersonal psychology, cathartic breath-work and sacred geometry, we start remembering the universal language of evolutionary healing expressed throughout the ancient cultural wisdom of the world.  While we understand the true wisdom from all traditions to be sacred and valuable, in this retreat we focus mainly on Amazonian, Andean, Tibetan, Chinese and Hindu traditions of which the facilitators have studied and benefited personally from.


In this retreat we focus on grounding into foundational indigenous wisdom traditions and daily practices we can use to consciously bring balance and stability to our walk of the hero’s journey of self-realization and awakening.  Cultivating skillful means and discerning wisdom via ancestral heritage, heart presence, music/song circles, healthy nourishment and body movement allows for life to continuously merge in the here and now, dreaming awake the highest potential of every moment.

There are two Form & Formless Retreat coming up this Spring:
Our next Form & Formless Retreats will be in the Spring of 2021
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Background and Tools

At our center in Peru many people have received immense benefit and understanding from the foundational practices taught during our one-month transformation retreats. They have healed a great variety of health challenges as well as advanced themselves on on their unique paths of self-realization. Many have told us, that despite all their previous experience with powerful sacred plant medicines, the foundational practices we share from the Ando-Amazonian traditions and the Tibetan culture are the real means for their most profound and sustainable personal breakthroughs in their quest for healing and self-realization. The Ando-Amazonian ancestral heritage is named the Sacred Science because it contains a profound connection with life and death and is a method of direct realization that merges the river of life force and individual consciousness with the divine ocean of cosmic awareness.


This 3.5 day retreat format was developed from the inspiration to offer these precious tools from the foundational practices of the Ando-Amazonian traditions related to evolutionary healing and consciousness more widely. The practices in this retreat were shared with Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson directly by the elder holders of the ancient lineages from the Amazonian tribes of Ashuar, Whitoto and Yahua, Andean Incan descendants, Q’ero and Quechua people as well as Tibetan Lamas from the traditions of Karma Kagyu, Nyingma and Gelugpa and have been practiced in this format by the healers and course facilitators of Paititi institute since 2001. The practices you will learn in this retreat are transmitted as different “Waves” that relate to this wider flow. They are progressive stages of maturation in the individual’s river of consciousness as you remove all barriers and blocks that cause separation from the limitless ocean of divine intelligence. These practices include:

  • Wave of Remembering: Through remembering, we recognize an existential state of oneness underlying worldly phenomena. In this process, we learn how to recognize the earliest memories of inner peace, harmony and well being and subsequently release tensions and emotional charges in the form of fears, inhibitions, repressed emotions and traumas from the past that have stagnated in the matrix of the personality and distorted the expression of energetic meridians from their original joyful primordial essence.
  • Wave of Dreaming: Inside all of us, an original primordial state of peaceful loving kindness is always present on the level of cellular memory. With the help of Jungian transpersonal psychology, indigenous dreaming perspectives, and sacred geometry, we start remembering the universal language of evolutionary healing expressed not only in archaic cultures across the world but also embedded on the genetic and dreaming level within each one of us. Transpersonal dreaming practices help to make clear the communication from our higher self, which in turn allows for a realization of greater wholeness, balance of divine counterparts, and numinosity in our lives. This also can serve as an ongoing blueprint for the evolutionary transformation and elevation of quality in our lives. 

During the retreat, we will explore the dreams of volunteers willing to share openly with the group. We will explore what these dreams can show us in symbolic form about the different personalities that interact within us and make up our total self. Through our dreams the highest self, our true nature, is speaking directly to the conscious ego in its own familiar language and recognizable metaphors.
  • Wave of Wind breath: Each day of the retreat we will embark on a powerful experiential journey into the body and mind by way of a unique cathartic breath-work practice that blends Amazonian and Tibetan traditions together. This practice is often a deeply meditative, heart activating and cathartic experience that revives the cellular memory of the whole organism and brings aspects of the past to the surface to be remembered and healed. The transmission of enlightened stream of awareness within these traditions is supporting the healing journey into the blissfuly loving state of existence that is the core of sentient existence.Each day we are able to go deeper in the breathwork sessions are accompanied by ceremonial cacao to enhance the bodies energy flow, while sacred healing songs of voice through icaros and flute melodies of Ando-Amazonian traditions weave sound, breath and life force together as one. As we do this powerful work together, we ground in the source of our creative potential and unified consciousness.
  • Wave of Process-oriented Symptomatic Dance: This process-oriented shamanic healing modality intuitively follows the organism’s symptoms to their origin of the dreaming language via different physical sensory channels – an effective breakthrough practice to consciously disentangle the knots of conditioning to their root cause through amplifying the physical bodily symptoms while compassionately recognizing your dreaming body’s message in life’s moments of intensity.


“Through the sands of time, from different cultures and places and from different holistic healing practices and spiritual traditions, the same question keeps appearing — a question that never gets old, out of fashion, or outdated. Such a question, conceived from the depths of the heart, that envisions the origin, purpose and the true meaning of existence, has never been answered conceptually. The answer has always been experiential, lived out through what is often described as the hero’s journey of self-realization and awakening.” – Roman Hanis quote



Below you will find an overview of the schedule. Please note that our schedule is fluid, in order to respond to the transformation process of the group. Activities will be determined in the flow of the moment, based on the energy and process of the group.

6:00 pm    Participant Arrival & Registration
7:00 pm    Introductions, Background Lecture, and Community Agreements

7:00 am    Wake Up
7:30 am     Morning QiGong
8:30 am    Light Breakfast (Smoothies)
8:45 am    Wave of Wind Breath Intro Talk followed by Our First Breathwork Session
1:00 pm    Lunch & Personal Time
2:00 pm    Wave of Dreaming Introduction followed by our First Dreamwork Session
4:00 pm    Afternoon Movement and Personal Time
5:00 pm    Sacred Geometry
7:30 pm    Dinner & Personal Time
9:00 pm    Evening Meditation

7:00 am     Wake Up / Light Breakfast (smoothies)
7:30 am     Morning QiGong
8:30 am     Breathwork Session 2 with Ceremonial Cacao
12:30 pm   Lunch & Personal Time
1:30 pm     Dreamwork & Symptomatic Dance
5:30 pm     Afternoon Movement and Personal Time
6:30 pm     Dinner & Personal Time
7:00 pm     Music Circle and Collaborative Art

7:00 am     Wake Up / Light Breakfast (smoothies)
7:30 am     Morning QiGong
8:30 am     Breathwork Session 3 with Ceremonial Cacao
12:30 pm    Lunch
1:30 pm      Loving Eyes Meditation
3:00 pm      Closing Sharing Circle and Integration Talk
4:30 pm      Closing Despacho Ceremony
6:00 pm      Clean up and Departure

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