Paititi’s 4000 Acre Sanctuary – Larapata Hatunpata

As of June 10, 2014, we at Paititi Institute with deep reverence and honor embrace our role as guardians and stewards of a pristine and ancient 4000 acres in the Mapacho Valley of the Peruvian Andes bordering the Manu National Reserve. Since this date we have relocated our activities and focus from the Iquitos area to here. This land, located in the Machu Picchu region, has been a cradle of Incan and pre-Incan civilizations for thousands of years and is known in the area as the historical location of the Incan trail (Capagñan) into Paititi (the enlightened realm).


This is a significant milestone for our organization and all the global community that are connected to our work. Without all of your support, individual healing, and collective intention this would not have been possible. Through the embrace of ancestral wisdom and our shared humanity we have gone through many significant challenges over the two years since we received the vision for this magnificent land.

We are immensely grateful for the transformation and maturity that each challenge has unraveled in our evolution both as individuals and as an organization as we endeavored to find this trail. Through this process we have had the opportunity to look deeply at ourselves, the purpose of our lives, and our work. The transition of our physical center has been mirroring the ascendance of our inner center and through this shamanic journey we have gained deep insights, clarity, purpose and inspiration in the work for the benefit of all beings.

Our Apu’s (mountain’s) ancient name is Larapata Hatunpata meaning -Lara (Noble) Pata (Elevated) Hatun (Great) Pata (Elevated.) At its base is the most sacred river to the Quero, Machiguenga and Huachipari tribes, the River Mapacho, at 1800 meters elevation; at the land’s peak we border one of the largest reserves of South America, Manu, at an altitude of around 3800 meters. Through its unique position on the edge of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest there exist three distinct ecological climate zones allowing for an incredible variety of food. We can grow all the tropical foods at the base such as yuca, plantains and mangos; all the amazing temperate climate foods such as apples, peaches, pears and leafy greens; and all the high sierra plants at the property’s peaks, including quinoa and potatoes. There is fresh and pristine spring water, old growth forest, over 20 waterfalls, majestic peaks, rich fertile soil, ancient ruins nearby and infinite magic yet to be discovered.

Our intention is that our work can serve as a symbol for the reversal of ancestral karma where this land will now once again be utilized with the same intention and purpose of Love, Harmony and Reciprocity that the ancients had. The Spirit of the land is still very powerfully reverberating with the epic beauty and might of the primordial heart. The land is also located at one of the last frontiers of the known world next to a vast and unexplored area where some of the only remaining uncontacted indigenous tribes still live today. It is of utmost essence to protect these people in this area of need from the invasion of commercial and illegal mining as well as logging that is happening more and more every day.

We have come so far and at the same time this is just the beginning. We are now grounding in this collective dream-come-true and are in active development of infrastructure and gardens. All development of the center follow regenerative Permaculture principles. There is a LOT of work to be done and we extend our welcome for all of you to share in the journey. We continue to welcome collaboration and support on all levels so that we can continue cultivating sustainability, happiness, peace and co-existence with our community throughout the world.

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