At Paititi, we practice sacred stewardship. Yet true stewardship of the Earth cannot be accomplished without each individual doing their own inner work. We believe that there is an inextricable link between our inner and outer landscapes and that we cannot fully offer healing to the land without working on ourselves, and vise versa. As a community we work to create mindfulness of our body, speech and mind, as well as mindfulness toward how we interact with the world. The ultimate goal is to fully unify with the divine intelligence of nature and offer a humble and positive example for humanity.

In the indigenous Amazonian traditions, curanderismo (shamanism) is understood as a Sacred Science. It is called a sacred science because it integrates all aspects of life into the healing process, instead of dividing them into separate disconnected compartments as our modern science does today. In addition, the practice is considered sacred because those who live by this science exhibit deep reverence, respect, humility and gratitude towards all life and their opportunity to participate consciously in life’s beautiful tapestry.

Land-Based Community

Our land-based communities are a central and foundational pillar of our work. It is there that we work to fully embody the accrued wisdom of humanity that we all have access to in today’s world. Here we are manifesting a harmonious relationship with our community, mother earth, the universe and ourselves in the most practical […]
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Permaculture at Paititi

Starting with Bill Mollison’s observations of Aboriginal Australians, the substantive roots of modern-day Permaculture stem largely from the indigenous cultures of the planet. Today, incredible wisdom, perspectives and techniques from indigenous cultures around the globe have been integrated into our Permaculture toolbox, all of which share similar and congruent practices given that all had the […]
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Restoration and Preservation

Paititi directs substantial funds toward the preservation and restoration of the Earth’s natural resources and sacred places. The land we preserve also serves as the base for our land-based communities that work actively to steward the continued vitality of the beings living there. We use regenerative permaculture techniques and hold multiple courses and work study […]
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Living Library of Medicinal Plants

Living Library of Medicinal Plants The Mandala of Sacred and Medicinal Plants at Paititi is an ongoing effort to preserve the quickly disappearing vast ancient wisdom of the healing and enlightening qualities of Amazonian plant medicines. With only one percent of Amazonian remedies studied by Western science and the unhealthy patterns of our modern society […]
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Courses & Retreats

The following are our ongoing Permaculture and Ecovillage courses which run about two times a year. We are always developing new courses.
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Eco-Regenerative Certification

How Eco-Regenerative Certified Products by the Paititi Institute for the Preservation of Ecology and Indigenous Culture empowers the world we all live in: A lot of damage has been done to the planet over the past few decades, and the difference between “sustainable” and “regenerative” is that sustainable simply doesn’t go far enough. If all […]
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