Paititi Centers

At our centers we are devoted to embodying a new paradigm: one where we are living in right relation with ourselves, community, our planet and the universe. A paradigm where we are humble in front of nature and each other. It is up to us to create the world we wish to live in and the choice is available to each person. We have always seen our community as a lighthouse, guiding people to their true nature and full potential and sharing this possibility with humanity.

Paititi’s 4000 Acre Sanctuary – Larapata Hatunpata

As of June 10, 2014, we at Paititi Institute with deep reverence and honor embrace our role as guardians and stewards of a pristine and ancient 4000 acres in the Mapacho Valley of the Peruvian Andes bordering the Manu National Reserve. Since this date we have relocated our activities and focus from the Iquitos area […]
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Sacred Valley Retreat Center (coming soon)

The Paititi Institute has recently acquired a beautiful one acre land overlooking the Sacred Valley about 45 minutes from Cusco. The land offers the perfect balance between access and immersion in nature. At this time we are in the design and planning phase for this property. Our intention is to create a center for short […]
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