Alternative Earth Based School for Peruvian Youth

We are currently in the midst of transitioning the focus of our  center outside of Iquitos Peru as we are moving our healing center and community base to a new location. In the last 4 years much love has been poured into this land, much healing has taken place and the gardens are really starting to bear fruit in many ways.

It is our wish to bring the most benefit possible with this magical place and we intend to continure our work at the Iquitos center as a Permaculture education and cultural center. Our vision is to create an alternative school for the local children on the grounds.

We are currently taking the first steps towards this vision, initiating a pilot collaboration with the local school in the village of Cahuide about 5 km down the road from the center. We have been working with this school in the past few years through collaboration with our Cultural Healing Exchange program and over time have developed a beautiful relationship of trust and exchange. We were pleased to find the teachers quite enthusiastic about our ideas and eager to start the project.

To initiate the program we have been hosting one class a week for a day at Paititi and collaborating with them to create an interactive curriculum focused on education of how to treat “Nuestra Casa” or “Our House,” Mother Earth, with respect, for it is our home and to be shared. Class subjects include Permaculture, health education, native Amazonian song, music, Yoga and meditation.

You can read a more about our work with the children on our blog at the following articles:

It is our wish to continue to expand these program and we are currently seeking funding in order to do so. We appreciate any support and or connections to cultivate the growth of this project.