Distance Healing

At Paititi, our intention is to extend the healing benefits beyond the immediate vicinity of our healing center in Peru and into the rest of the world. Our Evolutionary Healing Home Study Course (in development) offers the foundations of healing and the Distance Healing Program is for those who wish to immerse in a personalized program.

Please note that our Distance Healing Program is currently full and there is a 1-2 month waiting list. You are welcome to apply in order to be added to our wait list and we will be in touch with you as soon as a space becomes available in order to coordinate your orientation call.


Distance Healing Program

Our Distance Healing program is focused on providing an opportunity for patients far away to either have a head start in the healing process before coming to our institute or go through a whole healing regimen without having to travel anywhere but inwardly.

The Distance Healing program consists of four elements:

  1. Nutritional Coaching
  2. Spiritual Coaching Through Dream Exploration
  3. One-on-One Transformational Coaching
  4. Energetic Healing


Nutritional Coaching
Our personalized nutrition education program implement dietary guidelines, supplements, minerals and medicinal plants. This allows for the healing process to begin, lets us see how the body adapts to the dietary changes, and initiates a relationship between the patient and the plant spirits. It also becomes possible to gradually reduce the intake of pharmaceuticals (if applicable) under the supervision of the patient’s physician.

Spiritual Coaching Through Dream Exploration
Dream Exploration helps to identify the psychosomatic source of the disease and the repressed content of the subconscious at the root of suffering. This process involves documentation and analysis of a series of dreams for pattern recognition. Getting to know the transpersonal associative language can produce a powerful insight into the communication of the subconscious regarding the dynamic homeostatic equilibrium of the organism. In essence, this is a tool with which we are able to better assess how the personality traits and emotional/mental habits and patterns relate to the physical health condition in question. We will draw from both indigenous shamanic perspectives woven with more modern Jungian Transpersonal perspectives.

Dream Exploration sessions will be conducted via email.

One-on-One Transformational Coaching
Coaching offers a compassionate and uncompromising reflection that assists individuals to realize how they inhibit relationship to the self, family, community, nature and the universe at large. Coaching is facilitated by trained coaches who gracefully combine formal training with an intuitive understanding of the human psyche. There are three main outcomes intended in these sessions:

  1. The participant feels safe – By being heard at a level that they’re not normally used to,  participants are able to relax and open up, thereby moving deeper into the experience that they’re wanting to change or bring light to.
  2. The participant feels seen –  By implementing tools that allow the participant to receive a level of empathy and compassion, sessions allow participants to clearly see themselves without being “told” something about themselves.
  3. The participant feels capable of change – By receiving strategic assistance, or a plan toward the implementation of what needs to change, the participant feels empowered to make the necessary positive changes to facilitate healing.

All Coaching is done over phone, Facetime or Skype.

Energetic Healing
The Amazonian indigenous medicine tradition has a practice where the healing life force of the Mother of all plants – Mother Nature – is channeled to a patient located far away in a special sacred ceremony. The energetic healing is meant to add support for well-being and harmony during the challenging times of healing as well as assist the organism in subtle ways through the process. The healers and patients establish a heart connection in that way long before actually meeting each other in person. The effects may also include more meaningful dreams that manifest during the specific ceremony dates.

We have a minimum recommended contribution for each of our services. This allows us to create a balanced energy exchange with our participants, a sense of value that motivates our participants to be more fully involved in the process and also an energetic connection with our transformational work and ceremonies where collective energy healing and sublimation are done.This program is available to anyone seeking support in unlocking the inherent healing wisdom of his or her organism and is a required pre-requisite for anyone interested in visiting our Indigenous Healing Center at the Paititi Institute in Peru.

Full Program: $500

  • Nutritional Coaching which includes a personalized nutrition education program and email consultation for 3 months
  • Spiritual Coaching Through Dream Exploration for 3 months
  • 2 One-Hour One-on-One Transformational Coaching calls (additional sessions may be added for an additional contribution)
  • Energetic Healing during indigenous ceremonies at our Amazon center

A la Carte

  • Nutritional Coaching which includes a personalized nutrition education program and email consultation for 3 months: $200
  • Spiritual Coaching Through Dream Exploration for 3 months: $200
  • One Hour One-on-One Transformational Coaching call: $100
    Coaching calls which exceed 1 hour are rounded to the nearest half hour at $50 per half hour.
  • Note: Energetic Healing is included when participating in any of the above programs.

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Evolutionary Healing Home Study Course

Coming Soon

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Normal Price: $150 / Early Bird Price $120

It is not necessary to travel to the Amazon to start your healing journey. It is our wish to empower you on your healing journey and after many requests we are more inspired than ever to create a home study course which provides the tools for grounding on the path of evolutionary healing! The course includes the following:

– Interviews and talks with various evolutionary guides, elders and healers involved with the Paititi institute’s work
– Perspectives of the Ando-Andean healing approaches and the universal principles of human existence related to many ancestral traditions in the world
– Foundational pillars of indigenous healing traditions: understanding the language of Mother Nature through the sensations and symptoms of the organism, dreams and all situations in life
– Remembrance of oneself as a Universal Channel – the Bridge of Andean Kuntur Munaychi and QiGong energy work guided practice
– Amazonian Breathwork guided practice

The home study video course provides the essential foundational tools for unlocking the wisdom of the organism to seek equilibrium and health. It can be a powerful complement on any healing journey whether you wish to work deeper with us or follow a different path.

While this course is in production at this time you are welcome to sign up below and receive a 20% early bird discount coupon. No purchase commitment is required. Coupons will be sent via email went the course is ready to purchase online.