The Sacred Science


In October of 2010, a documentary was filmed at Paititi. Produced by Nick Polizzi, the film, The Sacred Science, has generated critical acclaim and helped tremendously in bringing our message to the world.

The Sacred Science exposes the formidable power of nature to heal us, as well as the need to protect the precious traditions, medicinal plants and foods indigenous to the Amazon. Following eight individuals who came to our Peru center for a healing retreat, the film shows a remarkable journey into the unknown that gives hope for the future of us all.

Since the film’s debut in 2011, we have been sharing this film in film festivals and public screening around the world. The response has been very positive and we are inspired to see that the world is truly open and receptive to the ancient healing wisdom presented.

We feel honored and blessed to share deeper education with the global community about the Amazonian healing traditions.and thrilled that our message has the opportunity to grow and reach more people.