Paititi’s Apprenticeship process is tailored according to the Amazonian, Andean and Tibetan indigenous traditions of the path to awakening the full human potential. Originally, these traditions involved different approaches all aiming at the universal process of self-realization. In our experience it is this process, of becoming a human being in a human body, that all ancient world traditions lead to.

Many who enter into this journey with us have the inspiration and intention to awaken their potential as a healer (curandero or shaman) and for some there is the potential of awakening this gift. The purpose of undergoing the apprenticeship process however is not limited to this goal and the primary intention of all participants should first and foremost be to commit deeply to a personal path of self-realization and evolution in order to discover one’s full potential and to be in service to this awakening for all beings in the greatest way possible.


We follow the original guidelines of the Amazonian and Andean curanderismo, which recommend a three-year immersion in the natural environment, which is abundant with universal life force and primordial energy. During that time, apprentices are gradually brought to face themselves in the most direct and harmonious way possible, through the recognition of the divine intelligence in nature inside and out. The following are some of the approaches utilized:

  • Forming intercultural bridges between the archaic and modern perspectives related to states of consciousness transformation. Reconciling the conditioning of modern society by transforming the duality of separation into the oneness of non-attachment while remembering how to become conscious channels of the universal psychic life energy.
  • Being guided with the help and clarity of transpersonal Jungian psychology and Oriental spiritual disciplines and philosophy, as well as by Tibetan lineage practices in the clear direction of love and compassion towards all beings beyond duality and separation.
  • Partaking in sacred plant ceremonies of direct uninterrupted transmission of enlightened ancestors that activate the genetic wisdom of the human organism.
  • Occasional medicinal plant dietas in isolation from society, while supported and surrounded by the natural environment beaming with life and reflecting the subtle flow of energy in the human organism.
  • Receiving guidance in how to understand the language of divine intelligence through dreams and visions in terms of intuitive symbols and associations (Ashuar and Jungian dreamwork).
  • Practicing the release of emotional charges from personal history, freeing the blockages and limitations that stand in the way of one’s full potential.
  • Activating the cellular memory through cathartic breathwork and learning how to reach deep, pre-birth states of well-being.
  • Supplementing and facilitating the alignment of one’s energy field with Yoga, Qigong, healthy nutrition, meditation and Eastern holistic healing arts.
  • Understanding the psychosomatic source of illness and disease.
  • Learning indigenous Ando-Amazonian healing practices, as well as natural healing practices from around the world.
  • Learning the connections between Amazonian and Andean healing traditions with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Partaking in the individual and communal healing retreats Paititi holds for both the international and local Peruvian populations.
  • Cultivating essential human qualities, activating one’s highest potential, opening the heart, and becoming an integral part of the global healing community.
  • Activating the path of service and playing an active role in the evolving the collective vision of the institute and community.


The actual process of the apprenticeship is unique for each person as the process of self-realization is an individual one. In general the first year of the apprenticeship involves extensive purification and dissolution of obscurations on the mental, emotional and physical levels. It involves processes that help to let go of the defense mechanisms constructed by one’s life in today’s conditioned society.

Once the major part of purification is accomplished (usually into the second year), the participants develop receptivity and stability to tap into the higher vibrational frequencies of consciousness, and subtle yet simultaneously more powerful enlightened aspects of the true nature.

Once stability is gained in this more receptive state (usually into the third year) apprentices learn to support others in their healing and evolutionary journeys. This can include supporting in the facilitation and holding of the container for sacred plant medicine ceremonies and transformation retreats under the direct supervision of the senior guides and medicine men/women. In addition it can involve supporting the evolution and healing of others through additional avenues that may be awakened through the process of personal evolution.

For those wishing to initiate into the path of facilitating ceremonies and guiding others on the transformation path extensive practical application of the knowledge learned is done as part of a clinic internship once the apprenticeship is complete and will vary depending on the individual. Please be aware that we do not “stamp out” shamans and after three years we do not hand out diplomas that give you a title. A traditional apprenticeship is based on real evolution and is not about checking off a set of requirements.

We work to create the container, circumstances and guidance to undergo this process however the only way for progress to be made is on this individual level of sustained personal initiative. As a general rule, the process of apprenticeship is not something that is set in stone, and varies from individual to individual based on the level of conditioning and maturity of consciousness. It is much more than just becoming a medicine man/woman, and really entails the process of maturation of human consciousness, transcendence of ignorance, and dedicating oneself to the benefit of all sentient beings through one’s own healing and liberation.


An essential aspect of the apprenticeship is service offering on a daily basis. While one is undergoing the apprenticeship process they also become a part of the Paititi family and community. The deepest lessons come through life and leaning how to fully dedicate ones being to the benefit of others. Being in service to the shared vision of Paititi comes the most valuable opportunity to truly learn and integrate philosophical ideas and concepts into practical application in a way that brings benefit. One of the most important aspects to holding a healing container and supporting others is to learn how to hold an empowered, grounded and clear view no mater what circumstances and challenges move through the space.

Service can vary from one apprentice to another depending on natural talents and inspiration. The essential aspect is that one cultivates an understanding of reciprocity with life, learning gradually to dissolve the boundaries between work, rest and prayer.

How to Enter into this Path:

The only way to be eligible to apply for this opportunity is to first establish a relationship with us on a personal level. It is essential to have a foundation of resonance, trust and understanding in order to enter into a commitment of this level.

Before applying for this opportunity to be considered as an apprentice there are two prerequisites:

  1. Participate in an Embodying True Nature Retreat
  2. Spend some time as a participant of our Work Study Service Program

The Embodying True Nature Retreat:

The Embodying True Nature Transformation Retreat is a 33 day immersion held at least 2 times a year. You can read more about this retreat here:

This retreat brings about a profound consciousness transformation and involves a serious self-realization process. The process includes physical, mental, spiritual and emotional detoxification. The participants should be willing and able to face without compromise personal inhibitions, repressed emotions, fears, habitual patterns and other obscurations of consciousness that often accumulate in the subconsciousness for many years because of the conditioning of modern society.

The retreat itself is an introduction into the greater process of an apprenticeship. Throughout the month one can begin to develop an understanding of the apprenticeship process, receive a foundation introduction to the lineages we work with, begin to build a relationship with the guides, and received a glimpse of what it will be like to live in our community. Through the retreat process one can begin to determine if they resonate with the work, guides and community.

Work Study Service

Living in our community for an extended time will allow interested participants to continue to build relationship with facilitators, practices, lineages, community and the land. We have found that it is essential to build on the personal relationship outside of the retreat container. The length of time required will vary from one person to another. Generally it is advised to stay for at least 3 months initially and from there we can discuss in one on one meetings the appropriate steps for entering into an apprenticeship. These steps will be discussed in person on a case by case basis.

For those participating in the Work Study Service with interest to pursue an apprenticeship it is recommended to email us and coordinate a service time when key facilitators will be present at the land. Read more about our Work Study Service here:

Student Teacher Relationship

The primary guide for apprentices at the Paititi Institute is Roman Hanis. Additional healers from the Amazon and Andes will be involved from time to time (mostly during times when we hold Transformation Retreats).

One of the reasons for the prerequisites listed above is to allow for the opportunity to establish a proper student teacher relationship. It is of course natural to occasionally disagree with the teacher however it is essential that there is enough trust established over time where the student does not doubt the intentions and motivation of the teacher. If doubts are present then it is not possible to have a student teacher relationship which will produce positive outcomes in an intense transformation process such as this.

The time required to establish a stable relationship of trust can vary from person to person. This is why we can not give a specific time frame required before an apprenticeship can begin. It is a unique process based on energy and connection.

Initiation of the Apprenticeship and Trial Period:

Through the prerequisites a personal relationship will be developed and many opportunities to discuss one on one with facilitators will be available. Provided there is mutual resonance and demonstration of commitment, an agreement to enter into an apprenticeship can be established.

The first 6 months is a trial period. In addition to the training and transformation processes involved, the apprentice is also joining a community and sangha, or spiritual family. Participants must be willing to play an equal and active role in supporting this community atmosphere. In addition, participant must be willing to face and work through personal obscurations, stale concepts and disturbing emotions in an open way.

If after 6 months participants are not demonstrating a willingness to be open to this process, they may be asked to terminate their apprenticeship. Prior to termination, apprentices are given ample warnings and guidance in how to align with the process before they are asked to leave.


The energy exchange for apprentices is $7000 per year, which includes “room and board”.

As part of the apprenticeship program, participants will participate and support in all retreats at the Paititi Institute. On average we hold at least two Embody True Nature Transformation Retreats a year and one Shamanic Permaculture courses a year, as well as a number of other programs and retreats including our Cultural Healing Exchange. Participation/Service in all of our retreats and courses are included in the above contribution.

*Scholarships and/or payment plans may be available in some cases. This options can ONLY be discussed once a personal relationship is established.