Indigenous Healing Center

Our Indigenous Healing Center is designed for participants who are in the process of healing physical as well as energetic pathologies. For those who are physically healthy and interested to participate in transformation work with us visit here >>

In 2010 a documentary called “The Sacred Science” was made about the work of Paititi Institute. The documentary has objectively followed a healing journey of 8 people from around the world with serious health conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson, Chrohn, IBS, Alcoholism and Depression with an ancient healing art still existing in the Amazonian rainforest today.

Ayahuasca is an essential element of the Peruvian Amazonian culture and is a traditional Amazonian medicinal preparation utilized by the curanderos (healers) within the ancient culture that has existed in the rainforest throughout thousands of years until today. Ayahuasca has been known for thousands of years to be an evolutionary healing agent, beneficial for a variety of health conditions including stress related disorders, depression, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders and neurological disorders among many others. In cases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica and fungal infections Ayahuasca preparation is made for external application to be used as an ointment.

People with health conditions who are interested in the traditional Amazonian healing with Ayahuasca are encouraged to coordinate the healing process with the overseeing licensed health professional, make sure there are no contraindications or serious concerns and as has been shown in the documentary “The Sacred Science” also a local licensed MD is available for consultation and support.

At Paititi, we implement a multi-disciplinary approach of indigenous and alternative healing modalities, all geared towards the detoxification of physical and emotional toxins and the reactivation of the evolutionary healing potential of the human organism.

The retreat is facilitated by our team of Amazonian medicine men and women, transformational guides, healers, and natural medicine doctors. Depending on the severity of the condition, a licensed MD doctor and/or a nurse may also visit to diagnose, observe and document the healing process of the participants. These health professionals will not intervene with the process except in cases of dire emergency.

The indigenous healing traditions we work with are known as uninterrupted live transmission lineages going back to times immemorial. They are understood to carry illuminated reminders from the period of humanity when our ancestors were fully immersed in the primordial enlightened essence of humanity’s true nature.
In order to support each patient to embrace the wisdom of nature and their own body, participants are allocated personal healing huts in the Amazonian rainforest upon arrival. Depending on the condition, participants remain in their healing hut throughout the retreat period, which can range from one month to several months. Regular Amazonian and Andean indigenous healing ceremonies take place, which bring through live ancestral lineages of direct transmission that relate profound states of inner harmony and well being, based upon the wisdom of humanity’s transcendental nature, generated through the eons. Each participant is also given specific medicinal plant remedies to take daily, along with individual nutritional protocols created for one’s specific conditions. Establishing a relationship with plant medicines encourages physical recovery as well as reinforces natural behavioral characteristics and attitudes that are essential for healing.

In addition to working with the sacred and medicinal plant traditions, we support the healing process through a number of practices which aid in unraveling the infinite potential of one’s enlightened essence, while healing our whole existence for the wwbenefit of all beings. All practices aim to reinforce a more profound base of understanding and insight into the workings of nature’s healing in the human organism:

  • Release of personal history – Participants cultivate an energetic remembering, dissolving subconscious limitations and letting go of emotional tensions whose roots reside in one’s past.
  • Amazonian/Tibetan Primordial breathwork – Participants are guided through an Amazonian and Tibetan based practices that awaken the original memory of well-being and may bring about a cathartic release of deep seated emotional obscurations.
  • Transpersonal Shamanic Dreamwork – Participants learn to decode the dreams with an indigenous Ashuar / Jungian Transpersonal approach towards recognizing the universal, associative and symbolic communication of the human subconscious and relating these insights to the evolutionary heroic journey of one’s own life.
  • Tribal sharing circles – Through group sharing, we relate the universal process of consciousness transformation to the unique experience of spiritual growth and evolutionary healing of each participant.
  • Qigong, Yoga, and Eastern meditation practices – Participants are guided in energy movement and meditation practices, activating deeper vitality and realigning the energetic channels of their organism.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – Traditional Chinese cupping and acupuncture complement the realignment of energetic meridians and aid healing on all levels.

These practices are geared towards facilitating greater receptivity and the awakening of one’s bodily wisdom. This awakening allows for the creative and harmonious flow of universal life force within one’s being, which in turn can amplify and accelerate the healing process.

Consciousness is the main healing agent in the process of recovery. All the tools mentioned are here to support and accompany the conscious effort and dedication of each participant towards a complete healing in the many aspects of life. This complete healing is a journey of gradual immersion into the recognition of what is referred to in the Amazon as archetypal universal qualities that enable healing to occur at a fundamental level, while eliminating the ignorance as a cause of suffering. Throughout their healing, participants gain deep perspectives into their own role in and responsibility for the dis-eases and symptoms they face as part of a journey to learn to be a human being in a human body. In this way, people become empowered to reverse the unhealthy process through direct personal intervention and reversal of the ingrained habitual resistance to life that creates these inner disharmonies.

Throughout the healing process, we cultivate together the momentum necessary for a sustainable long term remission and implement tools that will continue to support a healthy state of well-being and rejuvenation in everyday life. This is accomplished through a deep realization and recognition of wholeness in one’s life.

How do I become a participant?

Please carefully review the content on this page below.

If you are considering to work with us as a patient, we request that you view The Sacred Science to get a better understanding of our work. This documentary was filmed at the Paititi Institute and follows 8 patients with serious health conditions through their healing journey with us. The film can be viewed on iTunes or purchased here >>

It is a prerequisite to participate in our Distance Healing Program in order to be able to join the Indigenous Medicine Retreats in the Amazon. Our Distance Healing Program consists of three parts – nutritional protocol, Jungian/shamanic transpersonal dream work and personal counseling. This program allows each patient to prepare for the deeper work at our healing center and also allows us to create an important personal connection and relationship with each patient. Through this connection we develop strategies for the retreat and in some cases we may determine through the distance healing process that a retreat at our Amazon center is not the best approach.
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Additional Details

Ando-Amazonian Genesis Cosmology

At the foundation of our approach we embrace the cosmology of many Amazonian tribes and Andean cultures, particularly as this cosmology directly relates to the healing process and affirms the intertwining of the healing of the physical body with the process of spiritual development. The cosmic vision of these ancient traditions speaks about the creation of life on earth in terms of a relationship between the Mother Earth and the Father Sun. The rain is considered to be a result of their lovemaking, and living organisms the expression of the love of the Earth towards the Sun and/or the Universe. In this way, all living beings are considered to be the channels of that immeasurable love and serve as essential links between the heaven and the earth. A sickness or a dis-ease occurs when this universal love is not channeled creatively and consciously.  These indigenous traditions consequently allow one to become conscious of that universal love and direct it by assimilating essential human qualities that relate to the characteristics of the divine intelligence in nature. Thus, many Amazonian shamans state that just having a human body does not mean you are a human being, and understand the process of healing as the process of truly becoming a human being in a human body.

Watch the “Knowledge from the Amazon Lecture”

Medicinal Plant Diets

Traditionally, the medicinal plants of the rainforest were recognized as keys that could unlock the inherent potential in the human organism for healing and rejuvenation. Each plant medicine is considered to be a messenger of the divine intelligence and has its own spirit, with specific personality aspects that can support the maturation and development of individual human consciousness towards the universal consciousness. The process of developing a relationship with the plant spirits involves weaving life force vocally through sacred ceremonial songs that greatly enhance the workings of medicinal plants in the human organism.

Each patient is given specific medicinal plant diets based on their condition. The plant diets involve prolonged periods of time with one or several plant medicines in isolated dieta huts in the middle of the rainforest and developing a relationship with the healing powers of these medicinal plants.

Sacred Plants & Indigenous Ceremony

As an integral part of the healing process patients partake in the ancient Amazonian indigenous ceremony of Ayahuasca and the Andean culture’s ceremony of San Pedro. Depending on the specific condition there may be additional sacred plants utilized in the healing process.

This healing tradition is considered to be an uninterrupted live transmission lineage going back to times immemorial. It carries illuminated reminders from the period of humanity when the ancestors were fully immersed in the primordial enlightened essence of humanity’s true nature. Plants are teachers and the spirit of these plants can support us in connecting to deep subtle energies in our body and the interwoven reality surrounding us. The ceremonies associated with many sacred plants have been known to reconnect people with Mother Nature, heal people from all ailments and clear all confusions, doubts and obscurations of consciousness.

Nutritional Programs & Detox

At Paititi, we approach food as medicine and every patient is given a very specific meal plan based on one’s health condition and the specific plants they are working with.

Patients should be prepared to go through a strong detoxification while in the healing process. Just being in the jungle and breathing fresh, oxygen-rich air raises our vibration and speeds up our metabolism. In addition, frequent plant diets and ceremonies along with a clean non-processed diet deepen the detoxification and cleansing.

In the natural healing process, conditions often intensify before they get better. As the body works to eliminate toxins, they have to first come to the surface. It is not uncommon to feel weak and tired during this process and you may experience a period of intensified symptoms associated with your health condition, cold or flu symptoms, or other physical conditions from your past. In addition, since our physical body is not separate from our emotional and spiritual body, the physical detox can bring to the surface repressed emotions and tensions, so that they may be acknowledged and cleared. Often a breakdown is required for a breakthrough. Recognizing these energetic tensions and blocks is an essential part of the healing process and we help to guide patients through the process of unraveling the psychosomatic source of their dis-ease.

Is this Retreat Right For Me?

The traditional Amazonian healing process and other ancestral holistic modalities employed all bring about a level of involvement in the medicine work that allows patients to take full responsibility on the road to recovery. As the old saying goes, each patient is his or her own doctor. This approach encompasses all aspects of one’s being on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and allows one to release various habitual patterns that no longer serve one’s well-being and the greater purpose of one’s life.

In the Amazon, sickness and disease are approached in a very different way than in our modern conventional medicine. Shamans see illness as a messenger of Nature’s divine intelligence and refer to any sickness as a protective mother. Therefore, becoming sick is looked upon a going into that mother’s womb in order to cultivate essential qualities and maturate of one’s spirit. This process prepares one to become reborn in a more evolved way, thus becoming a more complete human being. Because of this perspective, traditional healers do not fight against the illness as is done in our modern medicine practices, but rather attempt to discern what it is that the illness is trying to communicate to the individual. Once determined, they work to help that message to reach its intended destination. Throughout this process, help is drawn from medicinal and sacred plant medicines – also considered to be nourishing mothers and messengers of Nature that help to awaken different qualities that are essential for the individual to heal themselves.

The traditional healers from many world traditions refer to this healing process as a 180-degree turnaround in one’s life that has to be maintained not only throughout the retreat but for the rest of one’s life in order for the healing to be effective. In this way, it is considered that each of us already has the potential necessary for healing. The ancient traditions carrying the transmission of our inherent nature are here to remind us of this essential truth.


If accepted as a patient for an Indigenous Medicine Retreats, it is required to stay at the Paititi Institute for at least one month and we recommend that patients be willing to stay longer if the healing process requires it. During the distance healing process (see below) we share our estimation of the time the healing process may require. However, it is only an estimate. Each person and situation is unique and so is the process of healing.

The Medicine retreat cost is $170 per day.

This contribution does not include travel expense.

A non-refundable deposit of 30% is due in full at the time of registration in order to hold space in the retreat. We are happy to discuss payment plans and options with you. If you have financial limitations there may be some scholarship opportunities available.

If you wish to join our distance healing program, we request that you view the Sacred Science to get a better understanding of our work. The film can be purchased here: