Essential Humanity, the Shared Human Heart, and Planetary Healing

posted by Cynthia Robinson on February 28th, 2023

Recently Roman Hanis sat with Gabe Crane and Rahul Deedwania from Woven Wings Live, a podcast focused on wisdom and tools for vibrant living, and talked about some of the core pilars that drive our work, essential humanity, the shared human heart and planetary healing.

What is essential humanity? What do we all share in common?
How do we accept our identities, but also not feel bound by them?
What is the shared human heart? How do we access it? How can we know that it exists?
How do these ideas contribute to planetary healing? How can we all come together?

Furthermore, in an age where many people are piecing together their spiritual philosophy, we discussed about how there is no manual or shortcut for your own pursuit of truth, and how you must do the work to open your consciousness and access your innate wisdom. Truth is not as a philosophical concept, but as a state of being characterized by essential human qualities: vulnerability, receptivity, resilience, and openness, to name a few.

Hope you give it a listen, and share it with a friend if you enjoyed it!