At the foundation of our work we seek to become fully conscious human beings.

Consciousness Transformation & Evolution

Paititi is committed to the transformation and evolution of human consciousness. This consciousness transformation arises through the integration of ancestral wisdom, which mirrors the evolutionary teaching of life itself. This is done in a supportive environment where people can voluntarily immerse in a guided process of self-realization. The tools, practices and rites of passage that […]
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Embodying True Nature Retreats

The Embodying True Nature retreat is a month long journey in the Amazon Rainforest where we immerse into the intuitive universal structure of the nature of existence through the inner, direct and non-conceptual experience supported by indigenous ancestral wisdom. The development of the retreat is intended for the participants to face and challenge themselves in the most direct and harmonious way. This approach helps to become a human being in a human body while recognizing and letting go of stale concepts, habitual patterns, repressed emotions, inhibitions, fears, traumas and all other energetic limitations on the way to becoming a totally free luminous being.
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Form and Formless Transformation Retreats

Shamanic Keys to Your Unlimited Human Potential This retreat explores the theoretical and experiential groundwork of the shamanic transformation and healing process drawing intercultural bridges between various indigenous cultures of the world.  With the help of indigenous dreaming perspectives, Jungian transpersonal psychology, cathartic breath-work and sacred geometry, we start remembering the universal language of evolutionary […]
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Primordial Breathwork Retreats

Inside all of us, an original primordial state of peaceful loving kindness is always present, existing on the level of cellular memory. When we look deeply, beyond the veil of matter and mind, this state and the universal truth that accompany it are discovered to be embedded within us all. Given the psychosomatic sources of […]
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