Cultures and generations heal each other, saving the planet!

posted by Roman Hanis on October 22nd, 2016

Wouldn’t that be a great news title to usher in a new era of world peace and planetary regeneration?

At this time Indigenous Nations and people from all cultures from around the world are coming together in North Dakota to stand united in peace for the protection of our sacred waters (to learn more search #nodapl). As challenging and urgent as this situation is, at the same time it lifts my spirit to know I’m not the only one in the world who stands for and believes in the possibility of a bright, beautiful and natural world for our children’s children, and for generations beyond. The next step after knowing it’s possible, is actually making it happen everywhere in spite of what media headlines tell us about the current state of the world.


The vast majority of media headlines focus on sensationalist content that’s statistically proven to bring higher ratings which, of course, mean dollar signs for the press. The emotional ripples these type of “if it bleeds, it leads” headlines cause in people are coping mechanisms of a fragmented existence and distorted reality that reaffirms the inner conflict and outer separation. In times when a fearful lack of greater life purpose is compounded by a herd mentality, there’s nothing more powerful we can do than to come together and heal.

Be the change you want to see…

This has always raised pressing questions in my life; how do I bring benefit into the world, while also meet and be inspired by more and more clear examples? How can role models such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and others become widespread? What would happen if a great multitude of people all over start to embody this same way of being I know to be true deep inside, on a practical level and in everyday situations?








Contemplating this kind of reality replenishes my soul and allows me to go above and beyond what I think I can do. Gradually recognizing this inner truth in all of the people in my life helps me see the source of this truth as the gift of shared heart presence and reciprocity.

One of the greatest reminders of this truth in my life has been Paititi Institute’s Intercultural Healing Exchange program. Healing arts practitioners from all around the world, as well as people motivated by the deepest healing and evolution from the inside out, join to experience an ancient solution for the reunion of diversity in the modern world.


Healing others through oneself and oneself through each other entails first undergoing the initiation into Peruvian indigenous healing traditions and Sacred Plant ceremonies. Once completed, all participating healers immerse into a natural medicine campaign to benefit native populations in rural Andean regions. It’s an incredible experience.

Healing traditions coming together

Many native people in the Andes have been separated from their ethnic heritage of healing traditions, simultaneously not receiving adequate care from the modern allopathic medicine. The 4benefit brought by previous events was so huge, words do not suffice to express the gratitude shared when the essence of the heart transcended the barriers of language, race, ethnicity, time, culture and age. The healed become healers and healers heal all at the same time, as the veils of illusory conditioning part to reveal what this life is meant to be like.

The living wisdom of Andean and Amazonian, Tibetan, Northern Native American and other world healing and spiritual traditions all predict a time when this planetary body of knowledge must come together for the most vital healing to take place.

This cumulative wisdom from all over the world, since beginningless times, is available today as never before to serve as the foundation for support and amplification of each individual’s healing and evolutionary path. Seeing the different perspectives from all around the world into the indescribable essence of truthful existence allows for this essence to become fully apparent beyond even a shadow of a doubt.

Cultural Healing Exchange

The direct experience of ancestral wisdom is still available via indigenous rite-of-passage traditions that awaken the heart consciousness as a direct transmission from the time in history when the shared heart was the only reality.

Skillfully applied as compassion in action, the spiritual disciplines and holistic healing practices from opposite sides of the world form the holographic key that awakens the genetic memory of a fully activated potential. The key is forged by facing the inner conflicts, cultivating inner peace through disturbances, and reconciliation of one’s past and future to unlock the greatest qualities and talents in each individual for the greatest good.8

Once recognized and shared in these seemingly small initiatives, this deepest purpose and essence I see in myself and others across all cultures and generations turns into a life-changing reality, pregnant with limitless possibilities. Surely it’s infinitely better to tangibly embody human values in service to a greater good, than to hope for something inspiring from the outside, reported by the mainstream media?

I‘m deeply grateful to everyone in my life who offers that brilliant inspiration and am seeing more and more what real news means – a global family engaging in a paradigm shift that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Time to rekindle your true purpose of making a conscious difference in the world – come and be a part of the next Intercultural Healing Exchange