Called to Council

posted by The Paititi Team on May 3rd, 2013

Receiving the call to Tulum rang strongly in my being.  What resonated was the request to come for a Vision Council or perhaps it was the unwritten call to the fibers of my being.  Frankly, the location could have been a slum for all I knew.  That being said it was mid-winter in New England and most places to the South would be a dream to visit that time of year.  The greatest draw was the council’s purpose of progressing and “holding the vision of creating a gathering where elders, teachers and lineage holders from around the world come may together to share and integrate wisdom.”  From the point of receiving that first email from Paititi my soul’s song grew louder and more beautiful as our council to discuss what has come to be known Weaving Wisdoms drew closer.

As the time came to leave for Tulum I realized the night before my flight that I didn’t know much about where I was going other that it was in Mexico and that I’d be flying in through Cancun.  Wow, was I in for a treat.  Tulum’s beaches are lovely and once there I was drawn irresistibly to the water.  You should know that I’m not a swimmer.  I avoid getting in the water as much as possible.  Tulum’s waters were different.  I hear the water calling me closer as soon as I laid eyes on it.  My excuses began “my suit is packed in my bag and not easily accessible,” and “I have no towel out.”  Both were shot down since nudity on the beach is acceptable and you can easily, and quickly, air dry.  So I took a deep breath and headed towards the sea.  Instantly I felt the stress that I didn’t know I was holding drain from my body and began blissful floating.

Our beautiful group sat together for the first time at Organic Yoga for the pre-council meditation retreat.  Like any experience of collective spiritual thought and intention all those present were drawn closer and deeper into each others lives.

Once back in Tulum post-retreat we settled into our accommodations at Residencia Gorila Films to begin the work as a Council in order to deepen the vision of the gathering of the tribes.  Lead by the 8 Shields model of organization we each found our way into the direction that felt right.  My calling was to lead the North-West sector, one which deals with play and celebration. The model is based on the cycles of nature and life and balances the full spectrum of what needs to be done on a given project.

Visioning activity

Visioning together

After a nutrition breakfast made by Indira and Rabba Labba we gathered for our first session of the day.  We went around first sharing our calling to come to the council and what we were hoping to get out of it.  Following this we sat together in a circle and using the key words and phrases began to craft a collage of words which was to become our vision statement.

The songs and meditation from the weekend retreat were brought seamlessly into the week assuring the intended connection between our council and spirit.  Grounding meditation accompanied every work session and brought everyone into the space.  Every session was begun with connection and completed with a collective, synced clap.

Working in small groups

Working in small groups

Working in small groups by direction we began to refine our vision eventually sharing rough yet amazingly poignant vision statements with the whole of the group at the end of the second day.

Post Shao-lin beach time

Working by the beach was an ideal space most mornings began with tai chi, shao-lin, or yoga followed by a swim.  There is nothing like floating in the waters of Tulum to ease you into your day.

By day three we were flying and it was time to get down to the business of next steps. Our vision had brought through 6 different topics of focus and so working within these we began to imagine what this event could look like.

Celebration ceremony: Sharing the petals of the flower

Connecting with the community was an important aspect of the celebration of the week’s work and including the local community in the visioning process.  We gathered at Uno Astro Lodge with the local community and shared our vision.  Much conversation was sparked and the passion behind everyone’s offering was evident.  Singing in celebration coursed through the evening and then into the night.  While that celebration marked the end of the Vision Council it also marked the beginning of growth for Weaving Wisdoms.  I’m honored to have participated in the Council and look forward to continuing working with my brothers, sisters, and Paititi Institute on this dream in the future.