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Upcoming Events

Primordial Breathwork™: Online Home Study Course Series

Facilitated by Roman Hanis

Open Dates

Your Evolutionary Blueprint: Online Home Study Course

Facilitated by Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson

Open Dates

Primordial Breathwork™ Teacher Training

Facilitated by Roman Hanis, Cynthia Robinson and Elton Lee Abela

July 3 - 24, 2022

10-Day Embodying True Nature Intensive

Facilitated by Roman Hanis

August 7 - 17, 2022
Sacred Valley, Peru

16-day Embodying True Nature Immersion

Facilitated by Roman Hanis

December 21, 2022 - January 6, 2023

The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of Ecology and Indigenous Culture is a nonprofit organization devoted to the integration of indigenous wisdom into every day life. We serve as an intercultural bridge supporting individuals and communities to live as activated, responsible and joyful human beings in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes. [Read More]

The Latest from Paititi's Blog

Humanity on the Brink of World Peace

posted by Roman Hanis on March 7th, 2022

“It is my conviction that there is no way to peace – peace is the way.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh   Our world is undergoing a precarious threshold at this point of human history. The more we discover new technologies and study the fabric of the universe at large, the less we know about what […]

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Life is a Ceremony Podcast Ep 19: Fatherhood as an Evolutionary Path

posted by Cynthia Robinson on November 15th, 2021

In this episode Roman Hanis from the Paititi Institute and Simon Fyall from the Verity Foundation share meaning, humor and insights of Fatherhood as an evolutionary journey through their own life experiences. Topics include: Looking at fatherhood through a lens of consciousness transformation Finding personal authenticity within family life Exposed ways of clinging to comfort […]

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Life is a Ceremony Podcast Ep 18: Ode to Simplicity

posted by Cynthia Robinson on June 15th, 2021

In this episode Roman Hanis and Elton Lee Abela discuss the journey of returning to the simplicity of being, rather than doing. To all the mind’s questions, the heart has answers that go beyond all the story lines, projections or expectations. The topics covered in this podcast are: Honoring the inner wellbeing and encouraging that […]

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