posted by The Paititi Team on March 8th, 2010

Welcome to Planet People Passion. I am so awe inspired to unveil this project to the world. This is the manifestation of 15 years of dreams and visions on my part and many more from the other amazing people involved (all of who you will be hearing from on this blog down the road). The truth is, I feel as though this magical project has chosen me. This is a labor of love and passion for this beautiful planet and all the beings that inhabit it. I feel so blessed to serve in my life for the healing and freedom of all.

I have always been idealistic, but unlike many, the more I age and learn, the more optimistic I have become. There are many challenges facing us today and no doubt many more we will face in the coming years, but I truly believe that there are solutions. As the principals of permaculture teach us, “The problem is the solution.” A lesson I also learned countless times working with The Moderns as well as my training in Art school.

Solving problems is true creativity and through approaching our problems with a spirit of collaboration, adventure and love, we can transform them from a source of pain to that of inspiration. Don’t believe me? Just watch the video below!

I am writing this first post as I sit at the airport in Lima awaiting to board the plane to Iquitos now. I will be meeting Roman there and we will be organizing and preparing the details for the initiation of the Rainforest Permaculture Center. The project will be launched with our inaugural Permaculture Design Course on the land June 22 – July 6th, 2010 and I invite all of you to be a part!

We will continue to send updates from Peru here as well as the work I am doing with Growing Power in Milwaukee here. There are a lot of big plans for the future and we invite you to join us on the mission. Collaboration is the only way we will get there!