Update on our Moving Process

posted by Cynthia Robinson on March 8th, 2014

Life rarely follows our set plans. So it has been in our search for our new home. This journey has taken us through many twists and turns, cliffs and valleys, and continues to demonstrate the interrelation of inner and outer landscapes. It is clear, as we work to manifest our new home, that we are being put through a process by Spirit that is as much internal as external, preparing our own vessels and our wider community to inhabit the higher frequency that this pending move and the new land are offering.


For the months of January and February we were based in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru, where we have been working to finalize the purchase of our new land. As many of you know, we intended to close a deal in January, however we have been met with some delays in the purchase and are working to bring all the variables it to alignment. While this has at times been challenging, we have come to see the true blessing and the higher wisdom playing out through the situation. In exploring the region and various options, we have embarked on several more scouting missions to the surrounding areas, including Quillabamba, Ollantaytambo, Limatambo, Challabamba, the Rio Mapacho region, and deeper into the Manu reserve near Kosnipata and Pilcopata. These expeditions have all been a great adventure, and have taught us a lot about the land, the people, and the spirit of what we hope is our future home. We have passed through high alpine mountain regions, filled with fields of native potatoes, running rivers, and alpacas / llamas, down through cloud forests where visibility is low and it seems the rain never ends, and into tropical climates, where the density of the lush vegetation sprouts bananas and café. These lands are rich with culture, history, and spirit, and we have encountered ancient ruins and beautiful textile weavers as we continue to open ourselves more and more fully, to hear clearly the call of Pachamama as to where we are next meant to be.

Knowing these regions more intimately, we are now more clear than ever regarding the new land location. When the Embodying True Nature retreat is over we will return to the area, to continue working on finalizing the purchase before our Spring and Summer Tour. We deeply appreciate all of your continuous good wishes that all goes smoothly for the acquisition and move at this time.