The Art of Farming

posted by The Paititi Team on April 29th, 2010

I love this clip of Will Allen sharing his thoughts on the art of farming and the good food revolution! His wisdom is so simple and at the same time, so profound.

In our modern society we deeply under-value our farmers. These are the people who are growing the food that is core to our well-being and foundation to everything else we do in our life. In the west we value our doctors so much, but what about those individual who are providing the nourishment that can keep us healthy.

Farming is hard work and is incredibly humbling. Everyone should volunteer for at least one day on a local farm. You will leave the experience with a deep appreciation and perspective on the food that sits on our plates and provides for us. You can find a local organic farm by going to Local Harest or WWOOF.

Close the loop and connect with the community whom you are supporting and who is supporting you.