Shamanic Keys to Your Unlimited Human Potential: Wave of Remembering

posted by Cynthia Robinson on March 1st, 2015

Since the filming of The Sacred Science in 2010 at our healing center we have globally witnessed sacred plant medicines becoming increasingly popular as tools for spiritual growth and evolution. With this exponential growth we have also witnessed an increasing degree of confusion emerging from their use. Sacred entheogenic plant medicines are powerful tools, but it is essential to remember that they are JUST tools. If the tools are misused or used out of context, they will not bring benefit and may do just the opposite.

Sacred plants have been used for thousands of years by all cultures of the world, and many believe they played a key role in the cognitive evolution of humankind. Within each of the lineages that utilize plants for spiritual transformation, there is a profound and intricate web of practices that support them, perfected through millennia of human experience and wisdom.

The sacred plants are intended to be utilized as complementary tools, but what is the core component of true healing?

The answer is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Lucidly grounded presence, and compassionately restful awareness should come first and foremost on our spiritual journey.

In the Andean and Amazonian lineages that we have been working with deeply for the last 15 years, we have discovered a number of very effective tools that are most often overlooked. These practices are essential for integrating the profound work of sacred plant medicines into our daily lives so that there can be true evolution of consciousness.

In addition, we have found that they can also bring people to the same (or even deeper) realizations and powerful healing than plant ceremonies can. Plus, there is an added benefit — once an individual has established a foundation, these methods can be maintained in the comfort of their homes on a daily basis and in a safe and impactful way.

These tools, or foundational pillars, are often referred to as “Waves,” which guide us back to the ocean of our primordial true nature, a realized state of well being beyond stale concepts and ideas. They are progressive stages of maturation in the individual’s river of consciousness that help to transcend the blocks and barriers that are causing separation from the limitless ocean of divine intelligence.

Each one of the practices are intertwined, and they all complement each other, preparing the groundwork for the rest.

Through a 4-week blog series we will share one of these key waves each week, along with a simple homework assignment. The homework is not designed to teach the complete technique of the wave, but instead to support us in taking a step to bring more consciousness into our lives and on our journey of evolution.

This week, we will share the first of the practices, called the Wave of Remembering.

In these ancient traditions, remembrance takes place on the level of cellular memory. Remember the state of nurture, harmony and well-being we have all experienced in early childhood and even before, while being in the womb, suspended in the amniotic fluid and experiencing no separation from the consciousness of the mother. The indigenous people treasure that state of being more than anything else in their lives because this embodiment of innocence, vulnerability and receptivity is what allows the infinite healing potential of the organism to become fully active.

Remembering is recognized in many ancient cultures as a hero’s journey to the origin of all life, the brilliant source of creative potential and the ability to tap into eternal love and compassion. It is the journey of a hero because the path often seems impossible at first, because of of the conditioning, trauma and separation one starts with at the beginning of their life’s journey. In this way, you learn how to recognize the earliest memories of inner peace, harmony and well being, and subsequently release tensions and emotional charges in the form of fears, inhibitions, repressed emotions and traumas from the past. These tensions stagnate in the matrix of the personality, and distort the expression of energetic meridians from their original radiant primordial essence.

It is important in this practice to re-experience all the positive and negative emotions and feelings that relate to past situations in order to allow the life force to return to its original free flow in one’s being.

The transformation during this process can be very profound and greatly involves the ego. Contrary to the many modern new age approaches that seek to exterminate the ego, the indigenous people of the Andes and the Amazon see the ego as an essential aspect of the organism. The ego, after all, allows us to perform basic functions of our existence such as movement, communication, comprehension and collaboration. The awakening process involves transforming the ego from being a capricious, childish master into an awe-inspiring, childlike servant of the higher self. The childish master does not care about the greater well being of the whole organism and distorts its natural qualities. But, as the ego is humbled, it starts supporting the organism in a sustainable manner, activating our innate healing potential and creativity.

It is often a very challenging process to leave behind the conditioning of an ego-centric, superficial, and illusory existence, in pursuit of a fluid, heart-centered state of active compassion. But, this reciprocity is the only way to sustainable happiness and is the corner stone principle of these ancestral cultures.


What is the earliest happy memory you have? It does not matter how early it is. Once you find the memory, sit in a quite place where you will not be disturbed. As you breathe in, bring the memory into your presence; as you breathe out, surrender into the feelings of that moment. With each breath, remember deeper and feel deeper until you can profoundly connect to this joyful and harmonious state of being. Throughout your day in the office, at school or wherever you are, when tensions arise, remember this state and weave it into your experience. It is essential to start realizing, through practice, the state of being before doing – rather than becoming happy only in response to accomplishing something. First, connect to happiness and only then try to accomplish. The same principle applies to healing – first, we need to find peace and rest. Then healing is possible. This is the only way that it can happen sustainably. This is what we call “ancestral wisdom in compassionate action.”

Many blessings to you,
Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson