Paititi Institute Highlights 2017: A Year in Review

posted by The Paititi Team on February 1st, 2018

Like a bright comet passing in a blink of the eye, 2017 is over. It’s been an awe-inspiring and productive year for Paititi Institute, igniting greater motivation to support the shared heart of humanity while witnessing the benefit this work brings to so many in our local and international communities.

We want to thank you all for your continued support of our vision to share ancestral wisdom in a practical way that helps awaken Mother Earth’s organic intelligence inherent in all her inhabitants. The Paititi Institute’s holistic, integral work continues to deliver life-changing retreats in Permaculture and Consciousness Transformation. Here are some highlights from the past 12 months.

Intercultural Healing Exchange initiatives

Last year’s annual Intercultural Healing Exchange was in the Sacred Valley near Cusco. Starting the International team of healers with an in-depth introduction to the evolutionary healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest and Andean mountains deepened their insight into healing modalities in which they were already experienced. Following the first week initiation and with the blessings of the last Inca descendants from Q’ero Nation, our natural medicine practitioners provided free healthcare to some 250 local quechua people over a 5-day period.

The local government expressed much gratitude for the benefit provided to local communities, showing enthusiasm for our long-term natural healthcare projects. The preventative and natural health approaches shared with locals rekindled their own heritage, serving as great stepping stones towards the year-round natural health posts in our plans.

The next Intercultural Healing Exchange will be unlike any we’ve done previously, held in a majestic area near the 4,000 acre reserve stewarded by Paititi Institute in June 2018. The previous initiatives helped us to receive district municipality approval, who offered everyone participating in this upcoming event an additional revitalizing and regenerating perk – discover more here.

Home Study Course draft finished

As part of a continuous effort to support our growing family of global practitioners, the core team at Paititi Institute continues to work hard manifesting an interactively immersive blueprint of consciousness transformation online. The format is based on the hero’s evolutionary journey as expressed in the native cultures we work deeply with.

Concept art for the illustrated component of the course.

This unsuspecting hero’s journey details the foundational pillars of living wisdom traditions in a way that’s verifiable and can be applied in your daily life. The name of this initiative is Embody True Nature Home Study Course and you are wholeheartedly invited.

It’s a great inspiration to unite our spiritual community more coherently. It’s also quite a big task, but progress continues steadily and we’ll release a beta version approximately by the end of this year. You can sign up for the early bird discount here.

APCI certification

Another facet of our integral approach is to bridge the nodes between our spiritual community, native communities, and local and regional governments to help on all levels.

The APCI is an intergovernmental agency acting as an intermediary between global entities such the UN, the WHO, developed and developing nations and small grassroot organizations such as Paititi committed to being a force for change. Joining with APCI allows us to apply our vision in the world in multifaceted ways. After 2 years of rigorous legal paperwork, Paititi Institute has received the intergovernmental seal of approval to support rural development in the impoverished areas around our wild sanctuary reserve.

Paititi family growing

After recently marrying, this year witnessed the first child born to the Paititi Institute co-founders Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson. There was no international tour last year to instead focus on bringing the diamond eyes of the baby into this world safely and naturally. With all the Embody True Nature retreats fully booked last year, our International Paititi Sangha grows too.

If you plan to be in the US this upcoming spring, you may get to see all 3 of the Hanis-Robinsons on Paititi’s 2018 tour schedule. As our family continues to grow, the lessons of the wisdom lineages also take root deeper than ever, branching out our work in Peru.

Plants, crops and infrastructure

The infrastructure at Larapata mountain continues to grow. New additions include a dish wash station with passive solar panel for hot water, hot solar showers and an upgraded solar electricity system.

There’s a Paititi baby kitchen in place, stylish composting toilets for ceremonies and the renovation of the ancient chapel is all but complete.

Up at Cherimoya Garden, a kitchen has been added to the house, and we’ve build edible mushroom growing room to improve the nutrient dense food grown on the land.

A big “Thank you!” to all of the beautiful people who join us as work-study participants, students and volunteers. Without your hard work and contributions to the Paititi’s vision, none of this would be possible.

Paititi Podcasts coming soon

Insightful integration sharing circles around the essence of Paititi’s work are a core part of the organization’s culture. We’ve been recording these circles and, based on requests from many of you, they’ll be edited into podcasts and shared with our community when especially poignant subjects come up.

You can expect to see them posted on our site at least once per month. It’s the perfect way for us to stay in touch and relate meaningfully with each other as a family of practitioners.

The Paititi Market Place

Just a gentle reminder that Paititi Market Place is fully functional. The online store sells products that support native wisdom and the families that carry it by crafting in traditional ways. For example, the tender alpaca scarfs, shawls and ponchos, hand woven using natural plant dies and hand spun fibers in the heart of Andes.

These families have a strong heart connection with Paititi Institute and the initiative helps them both with income and by helping keep their culture alive. More products will be added within a month, but meanwhile, here’s a link to the store.

Sharing the integral symbiotic approach

It’s a profound inspiration to invite your engagement as an integral part of our organization’s holistic vision of humanity deeply dedicated to cultivating in these trying times on the planet. All of our initiatives are based on the non-dual approach of wisdom merging with compassion.

Each event is not merely a random combination of modalities, but a skillful application of experience-based wisdom in support of the awakened true nature within each of us. The same goes for all the initiatives combined. Each endeavor is a stepping stone on the evolutionary ladder and where the individual participation retreats initialize the inner resolution, it’s with the service programs that the true awakening of one’s potential becomes possible.

Here at Paititi, we’re deeply committed to yours and the collective’s well being, because of growing certainty that true happiness is only possible when shared. Thank you for being such an essential and integral part of our commitment.