Our Roots are Spread

posted by The Paititi Team on June 20th, 2010

My heart is rejoicing to arrive back to our 40 acre Amazonian plot of land. So much progress has been made. Since our main base for the Natural Medicine Hospital and Permaculture Education Center has been build, the future potential of unlimited benefit for both the local and international community is more brilliant than ever. The following are a few shots of our development!

We have two houses built in the traditional style. One is 10×15 meters and the other is 8 x 10 meters. During the Permaculture Design Course we will begin the development of our gardens and following the Course we will begin building our Maloka (ceremony house) and 7 Dieta huts for the Natural Medicine Hospital.

All the wood was sustainable harvested from our land. Most of it (such as what you see pictured below) was cut from fallen trees. One guy with a chain saw cut all our wood! He cuts all of it by eye (no rulers, guides, not even a pencil line). Quite impressive.

We will be updating a running progression our images as we continue to build HERE and will do our best to post the latest projects and adventures on this blog every few days. If anyone feels so inspired to donate a satellite internet to us, we could guarantee updates more regularly, LOL.