Opening of the Natural Medicine Hospital

posted by The Paititi Team on August 4th, 2010

As we are preparing to offer a deeper healing and resolution to the world within and around us, we find bright family of like-hearted people that through their own experience and transformation greatly support our perpetuating vision and cause.

Currently we are almost finished with the preparation of our Amazonian natural medicine hospital and healing center to start receiving on a constant basis many people with serious sicknesses and pathological conditions that will be able to stay with us through prolonged periods of time for deeper work with the Amazonian medicine and find a complete resolution for these conditions of suffering.

A team of our dear friends and professional documentary movie makers headed by Nick Polizzi are collaborating with us on this project called ¨The Sacred Science¨ in order to document the healing process, share this profound way of healing with the rest of the world and simultaneously provide an opportunity for those who are sincere about their healing and transformation, and yet do not have much financial resources to make it to the heart of Mother Nature in the Amazon for deeper healing to take place.

Healing intensive will begin in the second week of October and at this time we are accepting applications for potential participants in the film at the following link:

May all beings be free from suffering abiding constantly in the true nature.