Greeted by Dolphins

posted by The Paititi Team on March 24th, 2010

Just getting back from two weeks in the Amazon. Upon arriving Roman and I dove right in… visiting sites and meeting with indigenous medicine men and community leaders. It was a very productive trip and everything is continuing to grow into place as we develop The Amazonian Institute for the Preservation of the Rainforest & Indigenous Traditions.

The video below was taken on my first evening in the Amazon. As we arrived at the jungle lodge the dolphins welcomed us home. I am taking this as good sign!

This magical landscape is my true inspiration in the work we are doing and the fuel that is keeping all of us going around the clock. This land is more alive then any place I have ever experience. I felt so small engulfed by the wild energies of this jungle, yet at the same time felt so expansive and connected to the pulse of life.

Feeling completely calibrated.