Our Plans & Visions to Grow Paititi

The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of the Environment and Indigenous Culture is committed to embodying this paradigm shift and demonstrating what is possible through ordinary human efforts, in service to Mother Nature and the infinite human potential.

Paititi’s efforts to create a harmonious balance in human life and with this planet fall into 5 key categories:

  1. Conserving and restoring the Earth’s natural resources
  2. Preserving and integrating indigenous wisdom and culture
  3. Cultivating health through traditional and natural methods
  4. Embodying true stewardship via eco-regenerative, community living
  5. Understanding consciousness and engaging in cognitive evolution

Drawing on over a decade of experience working deeply with indigenous cultures of the Andes and Amazon, we have channeled our efforts over the past four years into the cultivation of Paititi’s educational institute, natural healing center, and land-based community near Iquitos, Peru, a true sanctuary and a true model for the change we wish to see in the world. This center has served as an invaluable training ground from which the Institute has experienced enormous evolution and growth. The purpose and mission of the institute however extend well beyond the current parcel of land and the complete expression of the next phase of growth is calling for a relocation of projects dedicated to the essential aspects of our organisation. Do to a variety of circumstances, however, this center is no longer sufficient for the evolving needs of the Institute and cannot support us through our next phase of growth.

We are, therefore, currently on a mission to acquire new land in the Machu Picchu region of Peru, where the rainforest meets the mountains, nearby to where many claim the historical Paititi still exists to this day. This property will serve as the new base for the Institute, house our community and natural healing center, and serve as the headquarters for our wider work in the region and the implementation of our long-term strategic plan. This plan includes the growth of the Institute, the establishment of a vibrant Ecovillage and regenerative enterprises, integrative scientific research, support for the indigenous cultures of the Amazon to preserve their wisdom, culture, and way of life, and the purchase and protection of more rainforest for the benefit of future generations.

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At this crucial juncture in humanity’s history, the Paititi Institute is taking the lead in addressing humanity’s challenges at the fundamental level, unifying inner and outer landscapes, and serving as an integrative and deeply embodied intercultural bridge. This is made possible only through the support of the awakened aspect of consciousness that resides in the heart of us all. We ask at this time for everyone who is inspired by this undertaking to act boldly and support this work in whatever way possible. Through all of our endeavors we create a ripple effect, demonstrating what is possible for humanity, and securing the well-being of the planet for future generations. With a relatively small amount of resources we can transform the lives of many.