Visioning Deeper Into Our Evolution & Growth

posted by Cynthia Robinson on December 4th, 2013

The following is the first of a series of blog articles we are releasing in the next couple weeks in conjunction with an exciting period in Paititi’s growth and history. We are currently in the closing stages of securing new property in Peru, where we intend to move our Center in 2014. These entries offer our community a window into the internal process taking place around this move, and an invitation to help manifest these dreams to reality. Thank you for your vision and care, and stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks!


We put our roots down at the current 100 acre jungle center four years ago, founding Paititi Institute with the vision to ground this work into a deeper holistic model of how we can integrate the healing deeper, taking responsibility for how we relate with our community and the earth. From this place we began working deeply with Permaculture in order to restore the degraded landscapes so common in our regions of the jungle with the goal of creating a replicable model of restoration for the local community – a goal that is being realized as we speak!

In this time we have transformed bare clay and brushy fields into abundant gardens of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants largely through extensive soil building work. We are now in a position to share this work with the local communities and we are filled with joy that they have met us with so much inspiration and enthusiasm. We began to build our relations with them in the last few years through our Cultural Healing Exchange programs, and now are collaborating with the local school, bringing children to our center for classes and building gardens at their school grounds.


Through this process we have been actively engaging in community life and learning many profound lessons through the journey. Every situation has truly allowed us to face ourselves more deeply and heal through each other. Over the years we have continued to refine our vision and we have been blessed with profound glimpses into how through personal evolution it is possible to truly function as one cohesive and diverse organism with shared heart and vision. Each individual with their unique gifts and talents becomes a serving and complementing arm of the whole. These glimpses have given us the wish to manifest them in a fully embodied way which can be shared as a gift to humanity. From our perspective this is a real solution to offer to the world and those who are open to it.

Our approach to community development first and foremost has been, and continues to be, a journey of becoming more and more in tune with the organic nature of the process mirroring life all around us, in the settling into the land, and in being present with the community consciousness which has been and is an evolutionary, “ground up” experience.

We started 2013 with a deeper exploration of this process, weaving many practical tools together with the indigenous traditions in our Embody Authentic Community Course. From this foundation we have continued to explore invisible structures which can support the community to grow. The following organizational map is our work in progress and outlines a vision of how we may see our community structured in 2-5 years.


We are inspired to design a community model focused on personal evolution and transformation while continuing to learn how to ground that transformation in productive regenerative and healing relationships with one another and the Earth. With our move to the new land we see that the full expression of this vision will have the potential to come to life.

We look forward to the journey together with those of you who feel called to participate.