Partner with us to GROW PAITITI.

We are deeply grateful for the offerings of our extended community who have supported us in becoming the guardians of a 4000 acre reserve boarding the Manu National Reserve in Peru (read more). We are currently in the process of initiating our work at this new home which will serve as a base for our community and natural healing center, house our Educational Institute, and serve as a headquarters for our wider work in the region and the implementation of our long-term strategic plan. This plan includes the growth of our Educational Institute, the establishment of a vibrant Ecovillage and regenerative enterprises, integrative scientific research, support for the indigenous communities of the Amazon to preserve their wisdom, culture, and way of life, and the support of neighboring indigenous tribes in the protection of virgin rainforest for the benefit of future generations.

Through the resources we generate we are committed to continuing our development of a regenerative and reproducible model which can give back to humanity on many levels.

From the depth of our being we thank you all for opening your hearts deeper and deeper every day to the infinite human potential and the depths of the compassionate embrace of Mother Earth. May we continue to unravel more profound ways in which to offer our lives in service to the dissolution of the ignorance which causes suffering.

Paititi Institute is a project of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Empowerment WORKS All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.