We want to thank our global community for the ongoing love and support over all of these years! Your collaboration and support makes everything we have accomplished possible. We are inspired to keep offering our work at the Paititi Institute as a platform for the awakening of humanity. If you feel our work has touched you in anyway and feel a call to continue supporting us, we are extremely grateful!

Studies have shown that when trees grow together they work together. Their roots can feed each other to create a more stable and beneficial ecosystem for the entire collective. We are reconnecting to our roots as we embrace inspiration in the fertile soil at our grounds in the Sacred Valley. We continue to cultivate the qualities of the beginners mind as we connect to our humble roots and reflect on the work we have been doing for 20 years, and 12 years as Paititi.
All of the initiatives and work over the years, including Intercultural Healing Exchanges, Embodying True Nature Retreats, serving as caretakers for a 4000 acre sanctuary… everything is interwoven. And at the heart of this tapestry is the preservation of Indigenous wisdom and bringing it into relatedness for the modern world.

Paititi Institute is a project of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Empowerment WORKS All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


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Checks can be made out to “Paititi Institute” and mailed to the address below. With your check please include a note with your email, phone number and mailing address.

Paititi Institute
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If you wish to make a wire transfer directly into our bank account please contact us for bank details.

We are deeply grateful for the offerings of our extended international community who  support our work. Through the resources we generate we are committed to a regenerative model that gives back to humanity on many levels.

From the depth of our heart we thank you for sustaining the infinite human potential and honoring the compassionate embrace of Mother Earth. May we continue to care for one another so that all ignorance which causes suffering is transformed.

Consider leaving a Living Legacy

We deeply honor those who wish to leave a positive legacy – one that restores the Earth, preserves indigenous wisdom, cultivates healing, and positively impacts human consciousness. This is a unique way to extend your values long into the future and help insure that stewardship of these essential qualities continues for generations to come.  To learn more now about leaving a Living Legacy to Paititi contact us.