‘Casa del Plantas’ at Paititi Institute

posted by Faanito on November 19th, 2012

Having recently gone to Ollantaytambo to attend the Kokopelli/Pachamamma festival, Stella and I were both very inspired and filled to the brim with zeal to take our propagation and growing missions here at Paititi Institute to the next level. Hence upon our return we immediately set about constructing a new nursery area dedicated solely for the purpose of multiplying and nurturing our green friends.

After we selected and cleared a site for the nursery, Sergey and his team set about rigging the whole structure in one day – complete with double-layered mosquito netting, as we’ve yet to discover a source for agricultural shade cloth in these parts.
The new nursery is approximately 60 m^2, and has the capacity to propagate approximately 1,560 seedlings, 976 saplings and 200 trees. A large rainwater tank is also going to be installed in the near future.

And the best part… this is only our temporary nursery! In January/February 2013 we aim to initiate the construction of a larger and more robust permanent nursery, with 3-4 times current capacity, a mushroom cultivation area, a dedicated propagation room, and Paititi’s own seed bank, or more accurately, a seed sojourn (more info on this distinction later).

So if anyone out there has a special interest in joining us in constructing all this ridiculous awesomeness, sign up to volunteer and come help us with all this blessed work, for all sentient beings!



James in the new nursery.

[Find info about Paititi Institute’s new center here]