The Ancient Mystery of Being Practical – Roman write for the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal

posted by Cynthia Robinson on May 22nd, 2019

We were recently published in the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, a local Ann Arbor magazine. Gratitude to the Crazy Wisdom Journal and bookstore for sharing our work and hosting our talk in Ann Arbor, Michigan during our 2019 Humanity Awakening Tour. The resonance of true nature and ancestral wisdom is bringing us together in service to the shared heart.

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“Within many indigenous cultures, the tradition itself is viewed as a vessel carrying the essence of unconditional human potential. A good friend from the Andean Qero Nation shared how one of his people’s greatest challenges is adapting their tradition to remain practical in today’s world. The challenge is that the meeting point between ancestral and modern is beyond the customs and familiar routines. It is instead found in the capacity of human spirit to shine in the face of adversity.”

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