Shenaqua Sookhoo-Jones

posted by Mary on October 11th, 2013

Permaculture & Nutrition Instructor

Shenaqua Sookhoo-Jones was born in the United Kingdom and grew up under the influence of diverse family traditions, encompassing Burmese, Chinese, Indian, Cajun, French, and Inuit roots. Educated as a gardener and healer by her paternal grandparents who embraced Buddhist, Hindu and Shamanic practices in their healing and farming, she has embraced these practices and deepened her understandings of them through her life’s path.

Trained as a holistic and permaculture educator, Shenaqua is a passionate advocate for organic raw foods as a support to our healing potentiality. As part of her Masters in Childhood Psychology, she worked successfully with families, helping them to understand the importance of and need for providing their families with proper whole foods. She also takes pleasure in helping people to connect deeply with plants, gardens, and the empowering act of growing food, particularly within one’s own community.