Life is a Ceremony Podcast Ep 16: The Indigenous Prophecies for Our Time

posted by Cynthia Robinson on November 22nd, 2020

In this episode Roman Hanis is interviewed by Joanna Bullock of Heart Mountain Wellness. The topics covered were: the healing of ancestral trauma, understanding fragility, spiritual consumerism and awakening from the dream of separation via the evolutionary language of life. An essential link between the ancient psychological pandemic of Wetiko and its modern counterpart.

About Joanna Bullock:
Joanna Bullock, founder of Heart Mountain Wellness, has been practicing Energetic Medicine for 16 years in 4 lineages, and 23 years of yoga and Buddhism. She weaves together a tapestry of medicine, healing arts, breathwork, meditations and yoga through non-dual wisdom teachings. Joanna’s passions are co-creating healthy and resilient communities, land honoring Permaculture and ritual ceremonies. She lead trauma informed practices, including medicine wheel, energetic medicine classes and healing circles. Joanna believes that by uncovering our greatest story, we reconnect with our true nature journey of passion, joy and creativity. Her mission is to empower humans to remember their own healing medicines, and integrate them into a modern world daily practice.


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Life is a Ceremony Podcast · EP 16: The Indigenous Prophecies for Our Time