Summary of Recent Accomplishments

The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of the Environment and Indigenous Culture is a Peruvian non-profit devoted to the integration of indigenous wisdom into everyday life. Through all of our programs, we dedicate our efforts to supporting a society of deep, nurturing and true values, serving as an intercultural bridge that helps individuals and communities to live harmoniously with both inner and outer landscapes.

Over the past four years, the Paititi Institute has taken enormous strides in its ability to provide effective support across the sectors of our engagement and to positively affect the lives of many. Because the Paititi institute is a multifaceted organization devoted to supporting humanity to embodying its full potential, our project outcomes are woven through many aspect of life, including social sustainability, environmental restoration and preservation, healing, and consciousness transformation.

By studying and integrating the enlightened origin of Ando-Amazonian indigenous cultures into our community we have been experiencing much healing and transformation on both inner and outer landscapes, often in ways that are difficult to quantify. That said, the following is a summary of some of our recent accomplishments:

Supporting Healing from the Source: At our Indigenous Healing Center, many people with serious health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson and many others have received a tremendous benefit and healing from our Indigenous medicine retreats. Examples of the remarkable transformations taking place are shown in the documentary “The Sacred Science,” which was filmed on-site at our center.

Preservation & Restoration Projects: For the last three years, the institute has been caretaking 100 acres of rainforest territory that previously suffered decimation. This land has since become a beautiful example of how to restore a degraded rainforest landscape in a relatively short amount of time. In a region plagued with cleared and abandoned fields due to poor soil fertility and erosion, we have transformed our center into a lush and abundant oasis filled with vegetables, medicines and forest gardens, including over 100 varieties of fruit and timber. Our community has since begun to share our progress with the surrounding local communities, demonstrating viable alternatives to deforestation, western commercial farming practices and slash and burn techniques that are greatly contributing to the lack of consistent harvest in the area, destruction of the ecosystem and the source of sickness and disease.

Cultural Healing Exchange:
Through the Cultural Healing exchange program we have introduced natural healing practitioners and organizations from around the world to the Ando-Amazonian healing traditions and help set up communal clinics in areas where the local population has been disconnected from their original heritage of natural healing. With the acknowledgement of the Peruvian State Health Department, we have re-introduced many villages to Amazonian medicine men and women, provided education about easily accessible local medicinal plants from the region, and treated over a thousand people from the region with both Amazonian and international natural healing modalities such as acupuncture, reiki, physical and massage therapies.

Clean Water using Appropriate Technology:
The institute has established water management systems using appropriate technology accessible to locals in regards to available materials, construction skills, and cost. We have installed rainwater catchment systems and water purification filters at our own center and at indigenous communities nearby helping to resolve many health problems stemming from polluted river waters and unsanitary sewage management in the region.

Preventative Healing for Epidemic Diseases: Due to the increasing challenges with epidemic diseases such as Malaria and Dengue in tropical regions due to environmental destruction, we have been inspired to investigate preventative means and solutions for these sicknesses that are affecting many impoverished parts of the planet today. Our research has led us to many effective indigenous preventative remedies and treatments unknown to many today.

Local School Programs for Peruvian Youth:
In 2013 we initiated a partnership with the local school near our jungle center in the village of Cahuide. We have been hosting a class once a week at our institute grounds for the preschool and kindergarden classes (ages 3-5 year). In addition to the inspiration from the children, the interest from the faculty and engagement from the parents have been an added bonus. The curriculum has been an interactive theater based experience sharing valuable lesson on Permaculture, environmental awareness, yoga, meditation, music, art and nutrition. In addition to the classes at our center we have also initiated permaculture gardens and composting classes at the school grounds.

Distance Healing Program: We continue to provide an opportunity for patients far away to have a head start in the healing process before coming to our institute as well as go through a whole healing regimen without traveling anywhere but inwardly. This has produced amazing healing results and feedback of evolutionary transformation from people taking part in this program, including healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hepatitis C, resolving childhood trauma and many more.

Preservation of Indigenous Wisdom and Building Intercultural Bridges: We live in very fortunate times. The accumulated ancient wisdom of humanity that has been passed in great secret for generations to a very limited number of people throughout thousands of years is now at our fingertips. At the Paititi Institute, establishing viable intercultural bridges between the indigenous and the western cultures through experiential education programs is at the core of our work. In this way we are doing our part to support our modern world to integrate the ancestral wisdom in a beneficial, practical, and effective way for people of all cultures, traditions and spiritual backgrounds.