Milana Dravnel

Director of Yoga

Milana Dravnel was born and raised in the Ural Mountains in Russia. In 1998, Milana moved to New York where her practice of yoga began. In 2009, after years of practice, she earned her first yoga teacher certification and opened a yoga center and vegan cafe called Shakti Yoga Center . In 2010, Milana’s inner transformation inspired her to benefit all beings and the environment, and she became certified in Permaculture Design at the Paititi Institute. In 2011, Milana got an advanced certification  in India and spent several months teaching yoga to children in orphanages in impoverished areas of the Far East.

Becoming a yoga teacher has created a new momentum in Milana’s being, reawakening her spirit and activating a deeper level of inquiry into human existence. Milana’s mission as a teacher is to create a space of inspiration and reflection. With love and respect for yourself comes love and respect for the people and environment surrounding you. Milana is inspired to design, in a holistic way, a more harmonious relationship between people and Mother Earth. She believes that drawing together diverse ideas, skills and a way of living drawn from ancient spiritual disciplines encourages us to act selflessly and wisely for the benefit of all sentient beings as we become productive citizens of planet Earth.