Janel Possiel

Certified Primordial Breathwork Facilitator
Denver, Colorado

Gardener…Adventurer… Dreamer… Dancing through all of life’s twist and turns, Janel breathes deep into the vibrancy of life. For Janel, staying curious is essential on all paths, and she inspires to invoke curiosity and wonder in all those she comes across and practices with. Janel aspires to remain in humble service of cultivating a relationship with the inner teacher and staying present with the spaciousness available in the beginner’s mind.  

Currently based in Denver, Colorado, Janel shares her gifts as a special education elelentary educator and yoga instructor –  and when it flows – she can be found with the Paititi Institute in Peru. She has been part of the Paititi family for over 13 years, partipcating and volunteering in numerous retreats both in Peru and the States. With grounded joy, Janel is grateful to be able to help facilitate Paititi’s Distance Healing journey, where she as been supporting as a Dreamwork coach over the past 8 years.

Her love for connecting with the beauty and intricacies of life energy, motivates her to inspire her students and friends on the path opportunities to be nourished by their own inner radiance. Through creativity, movement, and exploration, she aspires to lead her own life and inspire others, with maitri as a foundation. Maitiri (my-tree) is a sanskrit word that means “loving kindness and unconditional friendship with oneself”. Maitri is described as, “feeling at home with your own mind and your own body”.

Janel is inspired to share the Primordial Breathwork™ practices as way to empower others, guiding them to feel nourished, centered, and embodied in each of their individual evolutionary processes. Beginning again and again, she aspires to awaken alongside her fellow practitioners into a space that is intimate, grounded in self-awareness, extedning maitri during and beyond the experience. Janel intends that one will walk out of a Primordial Breathwork™ experience feeling more at home within this journey of being human, rooted in the garden of the shared heart.