Dr. Martin Vasquez Urello

Medical Doctor

Dr. Martin Vasquez Urello was born in the city of Iquitos to educated parents. His inspiration to study medicine started as a child, seeing many people suffering from different sicknesses in the local communities.

In 1995, Dr. Urello graduated from the Department of Human Medicine, the national university of the Peruvian Amazon, and since then has worked in the Districts of Fernando Lores – Tamshiyacu, Las Amazonas – Yanashi, Torres Causana – Cabo Pantoja, Santa Clotilde – Tacshacuraray, Mazan, Pevas and San Pablo. In addition, he has worked in the Native communities of the Oroza and Napo Rivers (Quichiu, Chayahuitas, Cocama, Cocamilla and Ahuarunas). He has also worked in leprosy isolated communities.

Currently, Dr. Urello is an emergency room doctor in the city of Iquitos and makes regular visits to Paititi in order to oversee the progress the Institute’s patients. He is married and has two beautiful daughters and one son.