Andrew Jones

Lead Permaculture Instructor & Designer

Andrew Jones is a permaculture designer & teacher and sustainability/wellness consultant. He has been on a lifelong journey to integrate his path of right livelihood with his interests and passion for cultural exploration, nature and sustainability, wellness, and a dash of adventure. This has led him to gain a B.Sc. in ecology and a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Management and Development. His career path has incorporated humanitarian aid, international development, Permaculture and several environment and health based business ventures. A native of Australia, he has worked over the past 20 years in the Middle East, Pacific Islands, Asia, Europe, North America, Mexico and Peru.

Initially fascinated as a high school athlete by the link between nutrition and performance, Andrew has, through study and testing, gained a holistic perspective on the key components of true health as they relate to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Nutrition as a keystone for health has been a central focus, as well as the importance of cleansing the body in order to facilitate true healing and abundant energy.

Andrew has co-founded an ecological living and advancement center in Baja California Sur (, and, more recently, an ecological business development company focused on the bioregion of southern Baja (