Roman Hanis

Roman Hanis has been working closely with the indigenous Peruvian cultures in the Amazonian rainforest and Andean mountains since 2001. During this time he has devoted this life to learning the ancient healing ways of these cultures while seeking possibilities for creating ecological sources of sustenance for local populations and working to preserve the rainforest and its spiritual heritage of sacred medicinal plants.

Seeing the vital role that ancient cultural practices can play in today’s world, Roman honors and shares their value and wisdom through his work in community projects, healing retreats and educational workshops in both Peru and the U.S.

He is a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner in Peru, and studied the fundamentals of TCM and acupuncture as an apprentice under the director of the Open International Institute of Oriental Medicine, Myriam Hacker, in Iquitos, Peru.

In 2002, Roman was fortunate enough to be cured of a terminal genetic illness , Crohn’s disease. In 2004, he was pledged as a healer-curandero by the Whitoto and Yahua tribes and has served the international community as a medicine man ever since. He has also practiced physical trauma rehabilitation, medical massage therapy and Eastern bodywork, having earned his degree from New York’s Swedish Institute of Health. With these tools and concentrated efforts, he has been able to help numerous individuals overcome many health issues and pathologies on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Events with Roman Hanis

Your Evolutionary Blueprint: Online Home Study Course
April 28, 2020

We are deeply inspired to announce the official launch of our online Home Study Course, “Your Evolutionary Blueprint” – an ongoing course that you can start anytime and approach it at your own pace! In this interactive course you will explore your own heroic inner journey through life via video talks, reading materials, self inquiry & reflection homework, guided meditation, Primordial Breathwork, Alchemy QiGong and fun creative expression. This adventurous…

Alchemy of Immortality Daoist QiGong / Andean Art Of Being: Online Home Study Course
May 16, 2020

We are inspired to share this Alchemy of Immortality Daoist QiGong / Andean Art of Being: Online Home Study Course Series in this accessible virtual format as an encouragement for awakening greater vitality in your life. This course includes 3 virtual qigong sessions you can engage with at your own pace and continue returning to. In addition to these videos, we share theory and philosophy as foundational support to deepen…

Primordial Breathwork™: Online Home Study Course Series
May 16, 2020

We are inspired to share this Primordial Breathwork™: Online Home Study Course Series in accessible virtual format as an encouragement for awakening greater vitality in your life. This series focuses on the first portion of the Primordial Breathwork™ inspired by the Amazonian rainforest tribal culture which has been beneficial to us and many in our community during trying times. The breathwork sessions are guided by Roman Hanis who has facilitated…

Primordial Breathwork™ Teacher Training
November 7, 2020

Primordial Breathwork™ was developed by Paititi Institute over the last 10 years and Roman Hanis as the main facilitator over the last 18 years. Throughout this time, many individuals have benefited from this practice and expressed interest to become facilitators. Primordial Breathwork™ is inspired by indigenous Amazonian and Tibetan traditions, supported by Transpersonal Psychology. The cosmology and theoretical background of this practice relates to the hero’s conscious journey towards the original state…

Transformation Track Work Study Service
December 9, 2020

This is a special service opportunity for a small handful of people that have an inspiration toward consciousness transformation work. Participants will have the opportunity to be present and support in the transformation process during our 33-day Embodying True Nature Retreat. During this time, the first priority of all service participants will be to support the needs of the retreat. This includes but is not limited to, working in the…

33-Day Embodying True Nature Immersion
December 21, 2020

The 33-day Embody True Nature retreat, held at our remote and enchanted sanctuary, weaves ancestral living wisdom traditions supported by Jungian transpersonal psychology to provide a foundation to both discover and develop the innermost purpose of your life. During this retreat we immerse into the magnificent realm of Mother Nature through the foundational practices of remembrance, initiation rites and sacred plant ceremonies establishing intercultural bridges, awakening consciousness in all beings. Our purpose…