Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is a permaculture designer & teacher and sustainability/wellness consultant. He has been on a lifelong journey to integrate his path of right livelihood with his interests and passion for cultural exploration, nature and sustainability, wellness, and a dash of adventure.

This has led him to gain a B.Sc. in ecology and a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Management and Development. His career path has incorporated humanitarian aid, international development, Permaculture and several environment and health based business ventures. A native of Australia, he has worked over the past 20 years in the Middle East, Pacific Islands, Asia, Europe, North America, Mexico and Peru.

Initially fascinated as a high school athlete by the link between nutrition and performance, Andrew has, through study and testing, gained a holistic perspective on the key components of true health as they relate to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Nutrition as a keystone for health has been a central focus, as well as the importance of cleansing the body in order to facilitate true healing and abundant energy.

Andrew has co-founded an ecological living and advancement center in Baja California Sur (, and, more recently, an ecological business development company focused on the bioregion of southern Baja (

Events with Andrew Jones

Shamanic Permaculture Design Certificate Course
September 24, 2020

Healing Inner & Outer Landscapes Join us for a one month immersive Shamanic Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in the remote mountains of Peru where the Andes and the Amazon Meet. The goal of the course and the center is to share and inspire how we can live in sustainable and harmonious relationship with nature while creating a supportive, self sufficient and nurturing community around us. Weaving together the teachings of…