Ron Ortenberg


Ron holds Kundalini Yoga classes and White Tantric Healing Circles in Boston and takes students on Nomadic Yoga hikes to the power places of the planet.

Ron is a student of Dr. Prasanna Paranjape and the Sanjeevan Lineage. Dr. Prasanna is a director of Sanjeevan Ayurvedic Clinic in Puna, Maharastra. He comes from more than seven generations of Ayurvedic doctors. Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old Indian life science, which can also be considered an art, and Sanjeevan medicine is basically a modern day magic.

People come to Sanjeevan with diseases that are not cured by Western medicine: skin diseases, diabetes, insomnia, frigidity, and more. At the clinic, Sanjeevan healers perform miracles every day, healing with sound, homeopathy, and sacred herbs of the Sanjeevan forest, using techniques that are largely unknown in the West.

Ron is bringing this knowledge, medicine and experience to Western audiences.