Rebecca Fresco


Rebecca Fresco is an ecstatic nature lover inside and out. Her love and passion for nature and spirit has led her to study under several lineages and wisdom traditions.

Rebecca has a B.A in Environmental Studies and spent her college years working at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems in Santa Cruz. Her passion for nature and right livelihood took her on a path from permaculture homesteading to a focus on the human body and human community.

Rebecca has spent over a decade studying with Hatha Yoga master and teacher of the Sacred Feminine, Sofia Diaz. Finding body awareness and movement to be the key to healing and transformational growth, she has studied many forms of bodywork, primarily drawing her practice from Thai Massage masters and French Osteopathy. She is a certified somatic coach through the Strozzi Institute, a certified Yoga teacher and AcroYoga teacher and a humble student of Aikido. From her experience teaching at Esalen and working closely with the Integral Institute, Rebecca brings tools for inspired and authentic relating based in the practice of Circling as well as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Complimenting her work with body awareness, communication and authentic relating, Rebecca has a strong relationship with indigenous tradition, shamanic practice and plant medicine.

Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rebecca has a private practice where she offers practical, rigorous and no-nonsense style sessions to her clients that fiercely invite a life lived in fullness, reverence and meaning. Rebecca also works closely with Authentic World and the Integral Center to build community through embodiment, inspiration and authentic communication.