Abhishek Panda

Certified Primordial Breathwork Facilitator
Bangalore, India

Abhishek’s journey began with his inherent wonder and curiosity in nature, with the exploration of infinity and life within all things. Introduced to meditation at an early age, his focus was driven to the intangible and everything connecting it to the tangible. He finds greater meaning and wisdom in integrating scientific and esoteric practices, woven together within the means of practical philosophies centered around the non-dualistic view.

An artist and designer by training, Abhishek also shares his gift as a practitioner in meditation, subconscious-reprogramming, reiki, yoga and permaculture. He continues to find value and inspiration streaming through all of his experiences. As he enthusiastically continues to learn and evolve, he believes in nurturing a balance of experimentation and play, alongside defining his practice. He is keenly interested in discovering a synergy in the shamanic and yogic practices. It brings him great joy to share the spark of Primordial Breathwork™, as he sees how rapid and accessible deep transformation and realisation can be, within our current context. He aspires to be of the highest service to others by cultivating an environment that reminds us of our inherent nature, supporting us to transcend beyond perceived limitations.

Contact: [email protected]