Florida School of Holistic Living


The Florida School of Holistic Living (FSHL) is a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization with the mission of cultivating sustainable community by empowering individuals through philosophy-in-practice education that promotes holistic living.

FSHL programming includes a comprehensive curriculum of natural health and sustainable living workshops, continuing education, and professional training.  In addition, FSHL provides the Central Florida community with a space to develop relationships, build vibrant health, and deepen their relationship with the earth, through their Bodhi Garden, Community Herbal Clinic, Moon Circles, and ongoing special events.

FSHL’s philosophy-in-practice education offers students the opportunity to “get their hands dirty” while emphasizing a holistic philosophy that honors the whole person and their connection to their environment. Additionally, they seek to put that philosophy into practice through hands-on educational opportunities, taking students into the field to connect viscerally with the subjects they are learning. By empowering students with the knowledge and experience to live a more fulfilling, sustainable lifestyle, FSHL hopes to contribute to a more equitable, peaceful world for future generations.