Ripples of Awakening: Malaria Resolved Through Natural Means

posted by Roman Hanis on May 27th, 2014

mosquitos-423397Recently in the regional vicinity of our institute we have reached a landmark of development by helping to eliminate a serious Malaria epidemic in the area. This sickness had been affecting the 12 villages surrounding our center and causing quite a bit of suffering to thousands of people for over two years.

When the epidemic first broke, Paititi made the clear decision to engage with local communities and ancestral wisdom traditions in an attempt to find a natural cure. Within the first year of research, through experiments and direct involvement with the indigenous tribes and folklore of local native medicinal plants, we identified very effective preventative natural remedies that allowed us to  completely eliminate the occurrence of Malaria at our center, and then help bring these preventative measures to our neighboring communities.

The insights into the preventative remedy from malaria came through several sources. One of our local friends used to work on a barge that travels the length of the Pastasa River that crosses into Ecuador. During that period of time he contracted Malaria about a dozen times until he met a local native from the Shiwiar tribe who told him of a very simple and effective preventative remedy. Once he began utilizing it, he never contracted Malaria again, even though he continued to travel through epidemic zones and worked for that company for several more years.

Another local friend from the neighboring village had also heard of the same recipe with a slightly different preparation, and when he contracted Malaria decided to forgo the pharmaceutical treatment in favor of this natural approach. He recovered within three days and his blood tests at the local health post fully confirmed that.

We continued to research and ask around for the different folk remedies to the disease and in doing so received a lot of feedback from a wide variety of people – indigenous natives, mestizo (mixed-race, part indigenous), and Westerners who have lived for many years with the different indigenous tribes.

The remedies themselves are very simple, easily prepared and freely available to all the people in our region of the Amazon and essentially all the tropical areas in the world. The first and most important is a cooked “limon” (lime) tea, in addition to a turmeric tea and a Remo-Caspi bark diet for cases where the condition has significantly worsened. Below, we have provided  information on how to prepare these remedies, in the hopes that these approaches can be of benefit to others dealing with this problem in other areas of the world.

Initially, when we began to share our findings, we experienced disbelief from the local population who continued to trust the pharmaceuticals distributed by the regional health department. However, after a full year of seeing that there were no incidents of sickness at our center, change began. First, the immediate neighbors began utilizing the natural remedies. As they began to experience benefits, the whole district reverted to the heritage of herbal healing wisdom that had been lost and substituted by western pills – until now.

While it is likely that the western medical system will not recognize these remedies immediately, we are hopeful and trust that the several thousand people that have benefited from this will contribute to exponential healing and prevention of this illness from here on forward. In fact, the nurses and doctors of the health post next to our center have expressed their own sense of a direct link between the end of the epidemic and our work. They were so impressed by it that they have become very interested in the indigenous wisdom of sacred and medicinal plants in the region themselves. The MD doctor from the health post next to us has now expressed interest in joining us for some of our ceremonial work that is based in indigenous traditions.

The energetic accompaniment to these remedies is the cultivation of Stress-Free Presence and Fearless Well-Being. In many indigenous tribes, Malaria is believed to be drawn to deep-seeded fears in one’s life whether conscious or repressed.  As such, we owe this breakthrough to all the volunteers, participants and staff facilitators that out of deep devotion to Mother Nature and the unwavering commitment to the elimination of suffering in all beings stayed at our center despite the danger of possibly contracting the disease themselves, with some even staying at the center after recovering from Malaria and continuing to support the work being done there.

NOTE: The strain of Malaria that we had at our center is Plasmodium vivax. We are NOT claiming that these recipes are a cure for Plasmodium vivax but are simply sharing our personal experience.

Cooked Lemon/Lime Remedy:

limes4The following recipe will make 2 portions (the daily dose for one person).

Cut up 5 limes into small pieces and place in a pot (complete with skin and seeds). Add 3 cups of of water and boiled for about 30 min until the concoction acquires a very bitter flavor. Cover pot while boiling so that you do not lose too much liquid. Before drinking squeeze all the liquid and pulp out of the limes and discard the limes.

One portion is 1 to 1.5 cups each. We have found that two portions per day is required – one in the morning and one in the evening work the most effectively.

Drink 30 min to 1 hour before food. This is preferable in order not to interfere with digestion. Some form of probiotics such as saurkraut, kefir, kombucha or massato (traditional Amazonian drink) can be beneficial to replenish the positive gastro-intestinal flora.

The cooked lime helps eliminate the protozoa of Malaria from the blood system of the affected individual before they are able to penetrate into the liver, plant eggs and reproduce. Therefore twice daily intake while in the epidemic zone is essential for the remedy to be effective.

We have found that this tea stays good for about 24 hours without refrigeration. When we prepare this at our center will will make one large pot per day with enough for everyone present to have their 2 portions. As you can imagine we go through a lot of limes. Luckily they grow well in the Amazon!

A note about Limes vs. Lemons. In Peru limes are called “limon” so at our center we call this remedy “cooked Limon.” We have found that medium size limes work best from our experience however we have used small limes and lemons as well when they are not available and these are also good.

Turmeric Tea:

turmericFresh turmeric root is best but if you cannot get your hands on fresh root, dried powder will work fine.

Bring your water to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. For every cup of water, add about 1/2 tbs of grated fresh turmeric or 1 tsp of dried powder. Simmer  for about 10 min.

Drinking turmeric tea throughout the day can help boost the immune system, increase metabolism and provide essential hepato-protective qualities for the liver. We recommend drinking this tea daily within a malaria zone and if you are not at risk of malaria it is still great to drink regularly!


Remo-Caspi Bark

RemocaspiThe third is Remo-Caspi bark (Aspidosperma excelsum), a diet which is good if the malaria has progressed.

This specific preparation is done simply by putting fresh shavings of the bark into a container with half a cup of room temperature water. Add enough bark so that the water is barely covering the shavings. Let it sit overnight.

Early in the morning 2 hours before breakfast drink the cold infusion and maintain a light diet throughout the day – no meat, no milk, no eggs, no sweets, no spicy food, no fried food.