This Cosmic Co-Creative Genesis That is Life

posted by Roman Hanis on April 1st, 2013

Here is a brief update of the last several months, which considering the intensity and life experience lived through during that time, might seem as a few life times.

Embodying Oneness Retreat Dec 2012

We’ve had amazing three months of back to back retreats beginning with our Embodying Relationships retreat where we collaborated with white Tantric healing practitioners. This beautifully lead us into our Embodying to the Universal Self and Ascending into oneness retreat peaking in three night consecutive ceremonies leading to Dec 21, 2012. A moment filled with profound light which we sent out to all beings with our deepest wish for all to be free from suffering.

We next started integrating the transformation process with powerful tools in the Embodying Authentic Community retreat where we engaged our whole community to embody deeper ways in which we can live this life together with our shared heart and vision. From here we grounded with the Shamanic Permaculture workshop.

Embodying Authentic Community Retreat

Now, much later we recognize the celestial providence in how each of the programs has perfectly complemented the other and provided for profound tools and wisdom to both transcend our own life challenges and simultaneously develop the awareness and skillful means to facilitate more effectively the transformation of others.

There has been a lot of healing, transformation, intensity, breakdowns and breakthroughs, purification and blessings. We are grateful for the tremendous amount of insights and inherent wisdom that was channeled through everyone present including our dear Lucy honey bear kinkachou that departed this plane of existence onto an enlightened pure realm during that time. We are grateful for the astounding devotion that was mirrored from all of our work-service program participants, volunteers, and apprentices.

The evolutionary leaps that we experience during these windows of alchemical metamorphoses, no matter how challenging and trying at times, propel us towards the frontier of societal planetary cognitive merger of this cosmic co-creative genesis that is life.