Stacy Berman

Since before she can remember Stacy has always been on a healing journey. Embodying the idea that all research is “Me-search” led Stacy on a path of discovering how to access the body’s innate ability to heal.

She made her first professional steps as a pioneer in the fitness industry. Stacy created the first all year outdoor bootcamp in NYC back in 1999. Called a “NYC fitness icon” by Forbes Magazine, Stacy trail-blazed the way for the global boutique fitness craze we see today.

It was during her rise in the fitness arena and her own experience that Stacy realized spiritual, emotional and mental healing is not only as imperative as physical wellness, but that they are irrevocably intertwined. She saw first hand how thousands of students were often trying to simply lose weight. They tried to change how they looked in the hopes of feeling better. But Stacy’s revelation was that the work starts from the inside and works its way through the body.

This began her work in psychoneuroimmunology and her apprenticeships with a Siddha Master of the Tamil tradition and Hopi medicine woman. Stacy holds a PhD in Natural Medicine, was initiated as a pipe carrier and medicine woman through the Hopi lineage, works with Plant Medicine, is a trauma informed movement and somatic specialist, a Reiki Master, trained in Bioresonance Analysis of Health, ACMOS Method, and Compassionate Inquiry practitioner. Stacy has studied under Dr. Pillai, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Gabor Mate’, MD, Dr. Thomas Sculz, MD and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Stacy is presently writing a book on Body Mapping and Character Armor. It distills over twenty years in the health and wellness industries with scientific research to reveal how our thoughts and feelings are reflected in our body posture and movement. In addition to the book, she was asked to create a TV show highlighting her work as a doctor and healer. Stacy is truly a forerunner in the mind – body holistic health movement with tens of thousands of hours of real life experience.

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