Stella Maillot

Stella is a relaxed and outgoing girl from Montreal in Canada. As a child she traveled extensively with her family, living the gypsy life, and learning to appreciate the beauty of Nature from her artist father. Stella is a dancer, actor, dreamer, and creator of all sorts, but what she loves most in the world is to sing with her drum in hand. Following school she completed formal studies in Ecology and Design, but had always been drawn to work with Mother Nature and the divine healing properties in all Her agents. She loves the magical and mystical nature to reality, has a wild imagination, and expresses a creative spark in her daily presence. She likes to think of herself as a good little witch who loves to connect with the great Pachamama, her true nature, and share her gift of healing with all sentient beings.

While studying Permaculture in Australia in 2012, Stella worked as an instructor and volunteer coordinator, and spent her time cultivating the gardens while learning about the properties of the medicinal plants, connecting with their spirits while crafting medicinal concoctions and singing her sweet melodies filled with respect and gratitude. Being at Paititi has been second nature to Stella, and it’s in the womb of its inspirational presence that her apprenticeship has been borne.