Shamanic permaculture course participant article.

posted by Faanito on December 12th, 2012

Below is a short piece written by Ralph Giunta who recently attended our shamanic permaculture course. Ralph enjoyed the course and his time with us so much that he stayed and volunteered for another 2 months after the retreat ended. In addition to being an all-round epic human being, Ralph is also an extremely talented photographer. 



“I would never have thought that the days would float on by like they did while I was at the Paititi institute. I was enrolled in shamanic permaculture course there, led by Andrew Jones, his partner Shenaqua, and Faan Rossouw. From not being able to remember any names to being so opened up and embraced by Abuelita (Ayahuasca) and San Pedro within the first few days… you could say I understood why these sacred medicines are interwoven into the rich fabric of this course. Allowing for personal healing to take place, we humbly realize our role in the greater scheme of things; to utilize the body of wisdom of permaculture to benefit all beings around us (including Pachamama herself). Connecting to that primal human essence through these ancient medicines helps us reconnect to ourselves and our intention.

If it wasn’t a joy to dive into compost building or water filtration or the science of flow patterns and swale making, it sure was magical after our first ceremonies! it was one of the most insightful experiences of my life. I stayed for a month after the course and volunteered my time to help shape Paititi into the shared vision it is becoming. The jungle has such a way of showing you yourself, which could be considered the most powerful medicine of all.”

– Ralph