Shamanic Keys to Your Unlimited Human Potential: Wave of Dreaming

posted by Roman Hanis on April 8th, 2015

There was a time in my life when I was overcome by a genetic, incurable and terminal health condition. The most difficult part wasn’t the actual condition, even though it was extremely painful and debilitating. More than anything it was the lack of purpose, hope, and ability to relate with other people. I was certain that I was the only one in the whole world experiencing this degree of misery. No one else could possibly care about or understand what I was going through.

Gradually, it started to dawn on me that I was stuck in a bad dream, and my miserable attitude towards life was stoking this bad dream into a nightmare. The healing journey that resulted from these awakening insights led me to realize that I was not the only one that ever embarked on such a path. I was trying to reinvent an intricate wheel of evolutionary healing that has taken thousands of years of human experience to perfect in an effective, integral, and whole way.

Archaic cultures from around the world have shown me that although the evolutionary journey is a solitary one, it is by no means a lonely one. The indigenous people that I have been learning from believe that this innate program, which is embedded into the genetic memory bank of the human organism, is here to help all of us emerge from our egocentric conditioning of scarcity and separation, into the collective waking dream of shared heart. Manifesting this dream into a reality where we can all heal through each other fills the whole world with deeper meaning and great joy. Each being makes a huge difference and together we form a sea of universal love and compassion.

Before the Amazon River got its modern name from the Spaniards, it was called River Sea by the native tribes. That original name was referring to the heroic journey that an individual river of consciousness undergoes to return to the celestial ocean of cosmic awareness.  Here, every drop of water unites with others in its own unique way. That is why in the Sacred Science, different stages of maturation and realization of consciousness were referred to as Waves. Each wave helps to bring the individual consciousness closer to the life source of all creative potential.

The next wave in our series is the Dreaming Wave – for deeper remembrance of the ocean-like synergistic presence inherent in all beings. We spend a large portion of our lives dreaming, and in today’s world we have been conditioned to believe that these dreams are not important to our waking lives. In many ancient cultures, one of which is the Ashuar indigenous tradition, dreams are of equal importance to the physical world.

The dreaming language, or as we often call it “the language of Mother Nature,” is an archetypal language of metaphors, symbols and associations. It is a universal language of evolutionary healing expressed not only in archaic cultures across the world, but also embedded genetically and subconsciously within each one of us. Over the years, working with many patients, we have found that the dreaming language can point us directly to the psychosomatic source of a dis-ease, without a shadow of a doubt. Since consciousness is the main healing agent, this is an essential tool for bringing awareness into the real issues that must be resolved in order to heal and evolve.

The ancestors of the Ando-Amazonian people used to greet each other in a most peculiar way. They would say “Hello Me” or “We all share the same life force” to each other. They recognized a unique reflection of their higher self in everyone they would encounter. In Jungian Transpersonal Psychology, a supporting discovery has been made – each of our personalities is created through interaction with everyone we meet in our lives. If there are still conflicts or unresolved emotional charges with anyone in your life, past or present, those issues will prevent you from being fully whole and at peace with yourself. Shamanic Transpersonal Dreaming practices help to clarify the communication from our higher self, which in turn allows for a realization of greater wholeness, balance of divine counterparts, and luminosity in our lives.

The Ashuar people of the rainforest say that the different people, situations, and dynamics you dream about are woven out of your own psychic energy into the fabric of your dream. Therefore, all the people in your dreams are different aspects of your greater self. More so, all of the people in your dream are not random apparitions – they are actually communications from your higher self that are sent to help you return to the original state of happiness that is your true nature. The Ashuar people refer to the waking life as a collective dream we are all experiencing together for the sake of greater self-realization and healing.

The ancient phrases of “loving thy neighbor” and “love and compassion for all beings” begin to acquire a much more meaningful sense when looked at in this light. This kind of attitude is invaluable and essential for greater health, well-being, and a much more fulfilling life.


Simply start to write your dreams down. This is the first step in building a relationship with your dreaming life. At first, you may not remember much. But if you stick with the practice every morning when you wake, you will find more and more details filling the pages of your journal. For now, don’t try to understand the communication, simply bring deeper and deeper awareness to your dreaming life. We will follow up with additional blogs in the coming months on this topic, and your dreaming journal will prepare you with the essential material to go deeper.