RIP our Dear Sophie

posted by The Paititi Team on November 5th, 2012

Just thought we should share that a couple weeks ago our little precious Sophers passed away in the night. We are very saddened by this,  but even in her absence her legacy is with us. We buried her next to the Maloka with a Toé, planted over her, and still feel her loving presence strong.

Speculation is futile and worthless, but Jimmy found her curled in a little ball looking peaceful but with some snot out of her nose, it seemed she caught some bug. Mama kitty and Buddha kitty (her daughter) were also very sick, and Gabicho said nearly all the chickens died in Cahuide due to “pestus” – I think this refers to Yersinia pestes. So her work here was done, and I’m sure she died a VERY happy and peaceful little Chosna having experienced a life filled with abundant love.

Please share your Sophie Stories here 🙂