A Place Where Love is the Strongest

posted by Roman Hanis on August 19th, 2014

I have always been drawn to places such as the Amazonian rainforest and the Andean mountain where nature is abundantly present and is left to continuously express the peak of her highest potential. What makes these places especially fascinating is the existence of ancestral cultures that have lived in these power places for thousands of years while maintaining a pristine, pure and balanced relationship with their surroundings.

MapaPaititiIt was the ancestors who referred to these lands as power places. I understand  that  when I  can reverentially experience the magnificence of Mother Nature while knowing that many generations which came before me made sure I can witness this mirror of the eternally existent true nature within me.

There is also that counterbalance which makes me treasure the experience of pristine innocence in nature infinitely more. It is the ‘modern world’ with all the countless distractions, commotion and  fast-paced lifestyles that race on the information superhighway towards the oblivion. In the face of that the importance of  preserving the world’s natural power places as timeless reminders nurtured by the ancestral cultures venerating them with sacred meaning becomes brilliantly obvious.

This insight has been instrumental for me and the larger Paititi family in acquiring and becoming the caretakers of the current land that borders the Manu National Reserve in the Machu Picchu region of Peru.

Looking at why we have been drawn here I remember one of the principles in Permaculture: Life is always more abundant at the edge. This is the edge of the Andean mountains and the Amazonian rainforest and there is plenty of archaeological evidence  pointing to this geographical location being the cradle of many ancient civilizations. Fertile soil and many microclimates allowing for a very wide variety of abundant foods are just some of the reasons to live here. This was the place where the sun would first become visible over the rainforest horizon in all of the Incan empire. The Mother Earth would reunite with her lover Father Sun and especially powerful love would be exchanged between them here in the place where the eternal lovers would finally see each other after the dark night of the soul. Hence the name “’a power place”’ – a place where love is the strongest.

The legendary Paititi  – a city of enlightened beings according to the native mythologies from this region – is located right on the other side of the mountains from us in the Manu Reserve. The highest meaning of the name Paititi is the Heart of all the Hearts. The ancient Incan trail (capaqnan) into Paititi goes straight through our land. The amount of synchronicities leaves no place for doubt that the Divine Intelligence, Great Spirit or however else anyone might wish to call the True Nature in all of us is offering the possibility of a lifetime: total freedom and sustainable happiness, beaming through the ancestral wisdom of peaceful presence immersed in universal love to all beings in the world. This is a powerful reminder and an example of how life can be experienced with greatest joy and most profound purpose, so that it may be brought into all places and all situations for the benefit of all.

Welcome to Paititi.